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How to impress on a first date

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Written by emmarosemurgey

Scientists say that people make their first impressions on people after seven seconds of meeting them, so it’s no wonder that society places such immense pressure on making a good first impression. Whether it be at a job interview or a first date. There are, however, steps that you can take, to ensure you create a fantastic first impression. Here are five top tips to impress on a first date.

Do your research

No, this does not mean look up your date on Facebook, memorise all their favourite films, and ask if they enjoyed Dubai 2007. It means, choose a place to take your date and find out all you can about your venue of choice. If you’re going to that little Greek restaurant, have a look on TripAdvisor so you can talk about the most recommended dish in the area or have a stroll on Google Maps so you could suggest a cocktail or two in the bar down the street. It is flattering when your date has gone to the effort to plan a lovely evening.

Dress comfortably

A person who is comfortable is a person who is relaxed, and a person who is relaxed is far more attractive than someone who looks fidgety and uneasy. Cockiness is a big no, but if your attire is comfortable, you’re far more likely to relax and ooze that confidence that is often needed to make it through a first date. After all, how could you manage desert if your jeans are too tight?

Put your phone away

Nothing spoils a first impression more than someone who cannot detach themselves from their phone. Firstly, it is rude to be glued to your phone whilst in the company of others, but there is also no way you can truly concentrate on what your date is saying to you. If you adhere to a strict, no-phone policy, you’re far more likely to engage in a deeper level of conversation, which is crucial for connecting on a first date.

Manners cost nothing

There is absolutely no hiding the fact that a person with good manners is one hundred percent more attractive than those who are lacking such social skills. Simple things like please and thank you are an absolute necessity, but if you really want to create an impact on your date’s first impression of you, go that little bit further by asking to take their coat for them or tucking in their chair. Little things like leaving a tip for the waiter can make such a difference. It needn’t be a lot, but a small amount to show your gratitude will go a long way, not only with the staff. This rule, of course, does not only apply to men. Chivalry certainly isn’t dead, but manners cost nothing, regardless of your gender.

Ask questions

It can be a good idea to have a few stock questions in mind to pull out the bag, in case conversation reaches a low point, however asking questions in general is an absolute necessity for both sides. The whole idea behind a first date is to find out enough about the other person to decide whether you would like to see them again. Asking questions shows engagement with another person, and listening to their answer is an absolutely crucial quality in finding a partner.

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