How to create the best reputation for your business

Written by Nigel Simpkins

Reputation is everything when it comes to business. While having a bad one doesn’t necessarily equate to being unsuccessful – just look at Facebook, which sees an average of 1.62 billion people log on daily, despite it falling out of favour in recent years – it can be easier to be known for having a good one.

If you run a business and want to know why building a good reputation is important and get some tips on how to be known for the good work you’re doing and the positive steps you’re taking, follow this guide.

Why is reputation so significant?

Reputation is built on the opinions and beliefs of others. It’s the general perception, and this perception can stick.

This applies to both businesses and brands as much as is does to individuals. A company can be easily deemed to have a good or bad reputation, and in the instances where a business is known for the latter, it can mean missed opportunities and loss in revenue.

Having a good reputation means that you are more likely to gain the trust of everyone from employees to clients. This then opens the door to more business opportunities, achieving higher revenues, and seeing loyalty from colleagues and customers alike.

Here’s how you can build your reputation:

Be consistent

There’s a reason that the phrase is ‘consistency is key’. If you say you’re going to do something or you promise that you’re going to introduce something, make sure you do it. Not only will you be introducing the things you set out to do, you’ll become known for following a project from the beginning through to the end.

In addition, by becoming known for doing exactly what you say you’ll do, you are likely to attract a workforce that know you’re reliable and customers who know that you’ll deliver. This, in turn, means you’ll build a good reputation as you’re trustworthy.

Introduce relevant tools and tech

Whether you’re investing in a new payroll system so that your staff get their payslip sent electronically or something specific to the industry you operate in, for example, body shop estimating software, keeping up with developments in technology in ways that work for your business can be beneficial in more ways than one.

As well as making processes smoother, your business will be seen to be keeping up with trends and developments and this can be seen as attractive for prospective employees, plus your business could easily become a byword for being a leader in the field as a result.

Support a charity

Introducing a charity of the year or getting involved in country-wide fundraising is beneficial in several ways. By getting your team to get involved in sponsored events or introducing an afternoon of fundraising activities, you can boost morale among employees while fundraising for a good cause. Plus, sharing the fun on the company’s social media channels offers some positive marketing opportunities and lifts your reputation even further as a good company to work with and for.