How ePOS systems can increase your sales

Written by Nigel Simpkins

One of the first things you need to do in order to scale your business, boost revenue, or increase sales, is streamline your inventory, customer, and sales management processes. Integrated, comprehensive ePOS systems, simplify growth in whatever capacity you have in mind. They are an all-in-one solution that saves time and energy so you can do what you set out to do: grow your business.

Integrate for Omnichannel Sales

In today’s market, you have to reach your customers where they are if you want to stay competitive. When it comes to shopping, people have more options than ever before. They don’t even have to intentionally shop in order to be compelled to buy something. Instagram users can scroll through their feed, see someone wearing something they like, and with just a few clicks they make a purchase.

Customer-tracking and inventory can become complicated and messy. If you do not have the right tools, you will waste time trying to stay organised instead of scaling your business. A comprehensive ePOS system keeps everything in order with omnichannel sales, through ecommerce, your brick-and-mortar store, social media, and on-site events. All of your customer information and inventory can be found in one place, and you can access it from anywhere in the world.

Easier Payment Means Your Customers Will Keep Coming Back

Have you ever avoided a coffee shop or restaurant on your lunch break because they are a cash-only establishment? When you do not offer a convenient way to pay, customers will walk away and find someone who makes transactions easier for them. Different people have different preferences for how they would like to pay for things, and they are all valid.

Make sure your customers feel appreciated and heard by making payment options accessible. When you have an ePOS system that makes paying for your products easier and more convenient, then customers are more likely to keep shopping at your store.

Efficient Inventory Maintains Sales and Increases Revenue

When consumers go shopping either online or in person, they do not want to waste time looking for a product that is out of stock. It is frustrating to go through the process of ordering an item only to find it is on backorder, and disheartening to dig through racks of clothes to find the store is sold out of your size in that shirt you love.

If this happens more than once, customers are more likely to look somewhere else because they do not feel they can depend on your inventory.

An ePOS system can help you stay on top of your supply, keep track of trends, and know when to reorder, so you never have to run out of your most popular products again. Additionally, ePOS system software can help you cut down on losing money through overstock and wasteful inventory management. Your bottom line will increase and you will have more time to focus on growing your business when you streamline your systems to maximise profit.

Let Your Customers Know You Are Paying Attention

Everyone appreciates being recognised. Loyalty programs are a popular way to acknowledge customers who frequent your store, and points can be assigned to go toward discounts and special promotions.

A comprehensive ePOS system will help you do this and more. You can keep track of each individual customer’s spending habits and reach out to them with suggestions, appreciation, and reminders. If your cosmetics store has a customer who buys a particular shade of lipstick every two months, they may appreciate an email reminding them it’s about time to order before they run out.

Or, maybe they would be interested in a complementary shade of blush next time. With a good ePOS system, you have the opportunity to show them you appreciate their business by offering them products you noticed they may enjoy.

ePOS Systems Manage Gift Cards

Gift cards are a popular gift, and an excellent way to bring new customers into your store and drive new sales. Customers who have never set foot in your store will come in to spend money that has been gifted to them, and 72 percent of them will spend more than what the gift card is worth.

A full-service ePOS system will help you create and manage gift cards for all of your marketing needs. You can design them or have an add-on company do it for you. Get them through the ePOS supplier or your own. Then keep track of where the gift cards went and what their balances are.

Powerful Insights Help You Make Your Next Move

Possibly the most valuable feature of an ePOS system, is the powerful insights it offers. With everything completely integrated, you will never have to guess what comes next. You can use the analytics offered to automatically create stock orders, notice trends, and prepare for changes in seasons and spending habits.

You will stay ahead of the game and make decisions based on calculations that give you insight into what your customers want when they want it, and how much they are willing to pay for it. These insights finish the puzzle that allows you to boost your revenue and minimise waste while you scale your business to new heights.