The 3 most common reasons people use CBD oil

Written by Nigel Simpkins

The market for CBD Oil and products​ in the UK​ is growing exponentially. Currently worth around £500 million, we are expecting the market to be worth nearly £5 billion by 2025. This demand for quality CBD products, high quality CBD oils​ like these​ are gaining popularity), leads us to the most obvious question. Why are people taking it in the first place?

We look below at the 3 most common reasons consumers are buying CBD related products with information gleaned from top companies selling CBD and internet search traffic numbers.

1. CBD Helping With Anxiety & Stress

By far the most popular reason we found for people using CBD oils and products was for an anxiety of one form or another. People seem to look now at CBD as being a legitimate aid for social anxieties as well as general panic attacks. There is ​research to show ​they are most likely right to do this.

We include people who are using CBD to gain a calmer sleep or to relax from a stressful day/situation in this group. There is also a growing number of people with PTSD who are looking to CBD to help ease their trauma who are contributing to

2. Pain Eased With CBD

It is close between 1 and 2 here, but pain management just slips into second place from the research we conducted. The most common issues we found that CBD was being seen as a treatment for, was related to joints and conditions like arthritis.

There are going to be large amounts of people looking to quell pain from sports injuries, traffic accidents as well we found out. With ​research like this​ showing that CBD products may well offer serious respite from pain, it is clear why this is one of the top reasons people are using it to help them.

CBD oil

3. Muscle Recovery Aided With CBD

Athletes are beginning to tap into the ​anti inflammatory abilities​ as well as the sleep assistance capabilities of CBD in large numbers. Both professional and amateur athletes are seeing benefits to using CBD to help their bodies recover between training sessions and competitions.

The third most popular reason for using CBD was therefore a group that are already well used to using supplements to enhance their training capabilities and use CBD as another step up the rungs on the ladder to greatness.

Other Conditions Where CBD Is Popular As A Treatment?

People suffering from serious conditions like Parkinsons and MS are a very large group that use CBD to ease their symptoms. Many people using CBD for pain relief will have these conditions.

Acne and other skin issues are also seemingly eased through use of CBD. It does seem that as more research is done into possible uses for the Hemp plant that we will see many other conditions gaining in their amount of CBD users.

How Are People Taking Their CBD Doses?

The most popular way people use CBD is still through Tincture droplets. Taken Sublingually, (under the tongue), they are absorbed into the body quickly and have the biggest percentage of CBD enter into the bodies system.

Capsules are gaining popularity due to the ease they can be taken. Digestion can minimise effect so you will maybe see about 80% of the actual CBd enter the system, but strong capsule casing allows for maximum absorption, certainly higher than just eating CBD straight.

Eating CBD or drinking it in teas/coffees is an enjoyable way to take it and very popular now that awareness of the oils is spreading like wildfire. About 40-50% of the CBD will not enter into the bodies system, though people seem to get enough from taking CBd like this to carry on. Edibles and teas/coffees market share is growing quickly.

Vaping is very popular as a way of topping up CBD dosage. It has the quickest bio absorption outside of injecting the dosage or taking it anally. The trouble with vaping is that you exhale a lot of oil and it is hard to work out how much you are taking anyway as each “drag” will be a different amount.

Creams are popular with those looking to treat pain directly. They are often Isolate based though, so carry little other value from the Hemp plant. They are also not as good when it comes to getting absorbed into the body with much of the CBD being wiped off or not passing through the skin at all. It is estimated that around 20% of what is rubbed onto the skin actually enters the system. More people are actually rubbing Full Spectrum oils onto the painful area as opposed to creams, though it is hard to see how absorption would be any better.