How do cloud systems benefit small businesses?

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Written by C Wolsey

While the use of computers and other types of technology may be commonplace at work, improvements are constantly being made. One fairly recent piece of technology is known as the cloud, and offers virtual storage and access to its users. Many people already use cloud-based systems, such as to send items to their friends, or even make it easier to access files on the move. Yet, small businesses could also benefit from the use of these systems to streamline their work, and make sure that data is kept updated.

Accounting Needs

Completing your business accounts in a timely manner can help you to avoid fines, and also keep track of your overall finances. Using accounting software online means that you do not necessarily need to be in the office to be able to accomplish your tasks. Since everything is saved on a digital platform, you could potentially even be the other side of the world and still be able to make changes to your accounting profile, so long as you have an internet connection. This can be of use to many members of the team, but potentially those whose childcare or disability needs may prevent them from always being physically present in the office. 

Data Restoration

Many people may have experienced a problem with their hard drive, which results in the loss of data. While this may simply be frustrating when it occurs at home, the consequences could be dire in a place of work. You may find that you have lost a great deal of work and there might also be no solution to fix the system. Backing up data onto a cloud will allow you to restore your documents onto another system. It is important that you backup your files regularly, so as little as possible is lost. Some providers may also offer automatic backups and cloud saving, meaning you won’t need to do a thing for the data to be saved. You may want to consider looking for a securely encrypted provider, especially if documents contain sensitive personal data about employees or clients.

Sustainable Working

People are becoming more concerned with the environment and their carbon footprint. Businesses can also do their part to work in a sustainable manner. Using the cloud can allow you to share files with others who have access. This can help to reduce the number of documents that your company prints out, decreasing the amount of paper you use. While this means you can send files to colleagues, you may also be able to share invoices, and even designs or plans, with clients. You may also find that people have more of a positive opinion of your business if you look for more sustainable ways of working.

Cloud systems may be fairly new, but they can be simple to use. Training your team on how to use each piece of software, as well as the benefits of using them, can help them to become a welcome part of working life.