Help us build Kettle Tech

Dear readers,


We’re rebuilding the Tech section here at Kettle. There’s loads coming up: we’ve got reviews, coverage of major events, and so much more. We’ve got the LG G4 under testing right now. We’re putting together a headphone comparison, including the latest offerings from Beats and ATH. But we want to know what you, the readers want. 

  • Do you want to see products reviewed, and if so, which products? How do you want them reviewed? 
  • Do you want articles comparing products?
  • Do you want coverage of the latest events in the tech word? 
  • Do you want how-to pieces, so you can max out your Instagram or learn some coding basics?

Kettle isn’t like other Magazines. We want you to read it but also take part it in. We’re trying to do things differently and do them better, and we can’t do that without you.

So, if you want to drop us a suggestion, tweet us either over at @KettleMag or to me directly @JoshuaAaDaniels – alternatively, leave a comment below or email

Readers, you make this site. You are our audience, the people we’re writing for and the reason we write at all. Keep being awesome.


All the best,


Joshua Daniels

Tech Editor