Halsey: Kettle’s Artist of the Week

I’m very sorry to be the one to deviate from the regular Band of the Week feature again, but I promise you that this artist is worth it! Honestly, I’m sure that Halsey will soon have a place in your heart and your most played listing.

Who is Halsey?

Ashley Frangipane, performing under stage name Halsey, is a 20 year old American singer-songwriter. Her unique, mesmerising vocals and haunting yet catchy lyrics make her music not only a pleasure to listen to, but something that is more of an experience than a pastime.

Halsey’s journey (so far)

In 2014, Halsey recorded ‘Ghost’ and posted it on SoundCloud. The song gained Halsey a lot of attention and after various talks she chose to sign with the label Astralwerks. She then released her debut EP Room 93 in  2014.

She’s had a large fanbase from the beginning (here’s looking at you, Twitter and Tumblr!) but  has gained more and more popularity by being featured on the soundtrack of MTV’s Catfish: The TV Show (where I discovered her) and touring with The Kooks in 2014 and Imagine Dragons on the North American leg of their Smoke and Mirrors Tour right now. As well as having two of her own tours in that time. She also has a full length album – Badlands – due to be released in August this year.

Room 93

Halsey said of the EP: “It’s an autobiographical and incredibly personal indulgence of my obsession with the temporary intimacy a hotel room offers. Liberating and terrifying intimacy.

Made up of five songs, it would be quick to dismiss Room 93 as something quick and easy to listen to – but I feel like the EP is so much more than that. With catchy, indulging songs full of gorgeous  lyrics, Room 93 will leave you all kinds of emotional and in love with Halsey by the third song – not to mention will it be constantly on replay. It really does feel like a very intimate experience listening to it, perhaps like reading a stranger’s diary. You just can’t stop connecting with the lyrics, and discovering more with each listen.

My favourite song on the EP is ‘Ghost’. With immersive beats and haunting lyrics, I’m sure it will become your fast favourite too. Because while it might not click with you right away, I’m sure you’ll find yourself playing it again and again because it’s just so moreish that you won’t want to stop listening! With a very artistically stunning (the colours!!) new video for the song released a few days ago, remade for the soon to be released Badlands, I have a feeling that ‘Ghost’ is a song that we’ll be hearing on our radio soon too. (Here’s hoping!)


What’s next for Halsey?

Although she is currently supporting Imagine Dragons, I have a feeling that soon she’ll be headlining her very own tour with the release of Badlands in August – perhaps even one that will see her travel all over the world! Halsey is so deserving of that fame and recognition as a very talented singer-songwriter who truly cares about her craft and fans. If Room 93 is anything to go by, her debut album is sure to be a hit.

With every song you respect and admire Halsey as a talent, but with every tweet you admire and respect Ashley as a person. It really is obvious just how much this means to her and how much she respects her fans. It’s refreshing to listen and follow an artist who doesn’t separate herself from her fanbase, and creates honest, heart-wrenching music for herself while still reaching out to her fans and being an influential role model.

Unfortunately Halsey has no current UK tour dates, but hopefully with the release of Badlands she might have a few on her next tour!

Are you a fan of Halsey? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!