Graduation beauty tips

Written by JennyRose

Graduation time is coming up for some (including myself), so here are some beauty tips that I have researched and came up with that I’ll probably be using too!

Before the day


I know this may be annoying to hear all the time from celebs and Instagram models, but it really does make a difference! Guzzling a load of water the night before probably won’t get results, but making sure you drink 2 litres a day a week before the ceremony may get your skin glowing and dewy.

Face Pamper

If you already have a facemask or skin routine that works perfectly for you, stick to that! If you don’t, I recommend using a nice and natural routine (of course experiment beforehand to make sure your skin doesn’t react badly) like an oatmeal, or avocado mask: you can find a good selection here.


Don’t leave experimentation until the evening (or morning) before, but definitely try out some elegant, sophisticated looks a week or so before the day. There are lots online to choose from – Pinterest is a great place to start!

Plenty of Rest

Advice as old as time! It’ll probably be difficult to get to sleep the night before due to excitement or nerves (or both), but perhaps plan to wake up super early the day before so you’re actually tired when its time to sleep. Your body boosts blood flow to the skin while you sleep, so if you don’t get enough you could suffer a dull complexion on the day (not to mention bags, and puffy lids).

ON the day

Avoid Sticky Lips

It’s particularly annoying having to peel your hair off of your lips every minute or so. Its even more annoying when your photos come out, and you visibly have hair stuck to your lip, or the product is smeared across your cheek…

Wear Comfortable Shoes

It may be tempting to wear brand new heels, but the day will be so much easier if you’re wearing shoes that you are used to and comfortable in. Surely everyone has the fear of tripping on their way to picking up their diploma?!

Keep it Light

I know you may feel naked without your trademark dramatic wing, or smoky eye, but think of your graduation day as your wedding day (sort of); perhaps you want to look more elegant and sophisticated than usual. However, if you feel super uncomfortable in light makeup definitely don’t force yourself. Just do what makes you confident.

Blotting Papers and Powder

Particularly if you have oily skin, having these two handy tools in your bag will be lifesavers throughout the day. Lightly blot any oily patches, and then reapply powder whenever needed.

Waterproof Mascara and Eyeliner

It’s a highly emotional day, and the end of an era, so there’s likely to be some tears! Running eye makeup is a nightmare, so make sure you remember to use waterproof on the day.

Primer, Powder and Setting Spray

These three things are soo important when it comes to keeping on your makeup on all day/night. Some people choose not to use setting spray and powder together, but I think the setting spray gives your skin a more glowy and natural look as it blends all the layers. Primer is a must for all occasions as it minimises pores, keeps makeup on longer, and acts as a good base for applying the rest of your makeup. I’d definitely recommend the Urban Decay ‘All Nighter’ setting spray (for all skin types)!

Exfoliate Lips and Moisturise

Dry lips tend to show up in photographs so exfoliating will not only fix this problem but also make your lipstick/gloss POP and stay on for longer too. You can’t go wrong with natural scrubs, so have a look at these and see which one could work for you.