Gorgeous graduation beauty hacks

Written by HJBarry

If you have not long finished your dissertation and final exams, no doubt you’re kicking back for a well-deserved relax as you embrace the start of your summer break. The last stretch of University is a tough one, deadlines seem to be back to back and squeezing in the time for those last minute revision sessions seem almost impossible. But, after all of those spider diagrams, post it notes and revision cards, you’re finally free of studying. Now is the time to look forward to that momentous occasion you have been looking forward to; collecting your degree and enjoying your graduation ceremony.

Your graduation ceremony will be one of the most memorable moments of your life. It is an occasion you have been working yourself up to since starting school and all eyes will be on you as your family and friends celebrate your biggest achievement. In order to feel comfortable and confident on the day, it is important to consider your beauty look. For starters, the colour of your outfit, your robes and your hairstyle will play a significant part in your choices, but, if you don’t know where to begin take a look at these beauty tips which will guarantee you feel as special as your big day. 

Less is More

A mantra which always works wonders for any special occasion. Opting for a natural look will compliment a busy graduation attire. Think fresh-faced and effortless to achieve this look with peachy apricot blush for fair skin, mauve and berry hues for medium skin and rose or bronze tones for olive skin. Make sure to apply lightly to your cheeks to create a softer, more natural look. Keep skin looking fresh and dewy by prepping your skin regime the night before, this will ensure to avoid any shimmery undertones which may photograph unforgivingly on the day. Don’t forget to sculpt and contour so your facial features stand out. As for your eyes, a slick of black or brown liquid eyeliner never goes a miss, but, keep eye shadow to a minimal by choosing very neutral shades such as rosy copper, pale taupe and light cranberry.  Apply a lustrous clear or candy pink gloss which will be sure to add the final finishing touches.

Making a Statement

If you apply bold makeup day to day, opting for a natural look may not sit comfortably with you. Also, if your gown is navy or black and your outfit underneath is plain in colour and the style simple and understated; this may leave you some wiggle room to be a bit more adventurous with your makeup.

If you prefer to accentuate your eyes champagne, burgundy and gold shades define blue eyes beautifully. If you have brown eyes, explore earthy tones such as forest green and amber and for green eyes smoky amethyst and charcoal work wonders. Make sure to curl your eyelashes and apply your mascara evenly for ultimate impact.

If you wanted to give your lips more attention than your eyes, ensure you apply a colour which pops and compliments your skin tone. If you have fair skin, berry-rose colours look great if you’re seeking a deep shade. Medium complexions can be versatile, but if you want to create a dramatic impact, choose a deep crimson or red carpet red to best impress. Tanned skin tones can pull off hot coral and fuchsia, and dark skin tones match ballet pink and cherry shades. Again, if you put more of a focus on your lips, keep eye makeup to a minimum for maximum effect.

In Case you Didn’t Know…

As you will be spending the whole day between family, collecting your degree and having your photo taken, you will need to make sure that your makeup goes the distance and to do this, we have some very important tips for you to bare in mind.

Make sure to invest in a makeup fixative which will be sure to stop your makeup seeping away too early. Clarins do a great product as well as Rimmel, so make sure to complete your makeup look with a spritz of setting spray.

Additionally, powder and concealer may turn out to be your saviours on the day if your complexion becomes oily and uneven, so make sure to take a little with you in your clutch bag for any photo emergencies. A compact is handy so you can spot any unwanted smudges or areas for reapplication if necessary. That doesn’t mean take the whole kitchen sink with you, but make sure to take your top-up essentials.

For Your Information

If you need a visual aid which will guarantee you your perfect makeup look, take inspiration from the makeup artists who have taken to social media such as Instagram to share their top tips and examples of show-stopping makeup looks.

Youtuber’s and bloggers are another way you can quickly learn some tips and tricks to achieving your most sought after look. As well, the beauty of makeup gurus sharing their talents over social media mean that if you drop them a message with your hangups and enquiries, you’ll most likely receive the social interaction back. Not only are you learning, but you’re receiving some of the most sought after advice too. Win win.

There is a multitude of looks out there ready for you to adopt on the day of your graduation, but the trick to nailing your beauty look is to invest some of your free time in researching. By exploring the internet for some inspiration you’ll soon come to find what you like and dislike. If you’re still unsure on what looks will work and which won’t, pop over to your local beauty counter for a trial by taking an image you like with you. Be sure to radiate confidence and be proud of your successes and beauty will be sure to follow.