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Glyndwr University: 10 things you didn’t know about this place..

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Written by Mattlj92

Glyndwr University is situated just over the English-Welsh boarder in Wrexham. It is a relatively new university, having earned its stripes (see the logo!) in 2008.
Here are some facts you may (or may not know) about student life at Glyndwr University:

It’s Hard To Spell

Having spent a year at Glyndwr University – actually stylised Glyndŵr University – I still find myself dwelling over the Welsh spelling or laughing at the internal struggle my phone has every time I type out a Welsh word.

In fact, being a Welsh university it operates a bilingual policy and you will find yourself flipping around letters and checking you’ve definitely ordered the right prospectus – I didn’t!

It’s Popular With Mature Students

In fact, Glyndwr’s website says that 54 per cent of their full-time undergraduate students are over the age of 21 whilst 17 per cent are over the age of 40. It is still however a relatively small university and Glyndwr only has around 10,000 students.

It Owns The Stadium

Wrexham FC and the North Wales Crusaders both play at the Racecourse Stadium, in Wrexham, which is both owned and operated by Glyndwr University. When Wrexham encountered financial troubles, the University bought the stadium and training facilities.

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The Student Bar is IN the Stadium

The Centenary Club, or the Cent, is Glyndwr University’s student bar which is located inside the Racecourse. To get down into the Cent you have to walk past a homage to Wrexham FC legends.
It’s a unique mix of a pre-match drinking establishment and student bar. Definitely not what you’d expect.

The Big Derby

So this is definitely one for the football fans but even if it’s not your cup of tea, Wrexham vs Chester is always a match like no other. From football hooligans to everyday passersby, Wrexham becomes awash with florescent jackets on derby day.

It’s definitely something not to be shrugged at even if they are two relatively obscure teams in the English football pyramid.

Techniquest Glyndwr

Located towards the back of the university campus is Techniquest. A fun-for-all-the-family kind of place, Techniquest is a learning environment that welcomes school trips and family visits.
Rated 4.5 stars on Tripadvisor, as well as being the third must visit attraction in Wrexham, Techniquest is hardly what you’d expect to find in the middle of a university let alone a popular attraction.

You Can See Big Name Performers

This one shocked me when I got there: performers such as Jimmy Carr, Jon Richardson, and various other TV comedians actually appear at Glyndwr University.

Being from Crewe, I never had many opportunities to see big comedians, always having to make a trip into Stoke, or even Manchester and Liverpool. Little did I know that Glyndwr University would be hosting the big names.

The Home of North Wales Comic Con

This one is definitely for the geek inside you. Glyndwr University has been the home to the North Wales Comic Con for a few years now and plays host to the biggest names in all things nerd.
People travel from far and wide to witness the North Wales Comic Con and each year the costumes on display seem to become more and more elaborate. This year’s event is on November 30th.

Home to Community Radio

Glyndwr University students aren’t just treated to a student radio station. Calon FM caters for both students at Glyndwr and the people of Wrexham. It’s made up of a blend of both students and locals, bringing the university into the community.

It’s also a fully-fledged FM radio, competing with local stations that include Heart FM, located just up Mold Road in Wrexham.

It Has a Strong Music Scene

We all know that Wales has a strong music scene and Wrexham is no different. If you fancy a gig then you can pop down to Central Station in Wrexham – not to be confused with the train station. (Seriously, it’s a mistake often made!)

Held annually, you also have Focus Wales, a music festival aimed at both music lovers and musicians a like brings the town of Wrexham to their feet. Another popular event on the Glyndwr University calendar.

Have you ever been to Glyndwr University or Wrexham? Anything to add?