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Five ways to Enjoy a British Summer on a Budget

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Written by Nigel Simpkins

Exams are coming to an end, assignments have been handed in and the pub is calling your name. Summer is finally on its way!

Exams are coming to an end, assignments have been handed in and the pub is calling your name. Summer is finally on its way! However, as well as it being the end of term, it’s also looking like the end of your student loan. Those revision snacks and library fines hit your bank account hard. Never fear! You can still enjoy the sunshine to the max and save your pennies:

Work at a festival
Want to get your festival on but can’t quite afford the hefty price tag? Never fear, you can go for free(ish). Yes, there is a catch. It is in exchange for your ticket. You do have to do a bit of work in return but from my past experiences, it is really worth it. The shifts can be long and you have to do them rain or shine but it’s a great chance to meet new people and you get to camp in the staff area which usually has a shower and toilets that haven’t been used by thousands. Plus you’re saving yourself a fair bit of money! Check out this web site and this web site for more information. 

Throw a BBQ
Get the gang together and the beers in. You can get a couple of disposable BBQ’s for a snip, burgers and sausages come in multipacks and everyone can BYOB. The boys can unleash their inner caveman, the girls can chill the wine and pick some decent tunes. There is nothing better than a chilled out afternoon/evening in the garden with friends. Obviously it’s just a little bit weather dependent!

Take a cheeky stay-cation
Going abroad can be a huge drain on your finances so why not take a stay-cation? Britain has lots of lovely places to visit from beautiful coastline to buzzing cities. So take a road trip and explore somewhere new. If you’re really on a budget, you could even go camping! Nothing like becoming one with nature! Go to this web site for listings and deals.

Learn how to make your own frappuccinos
One of the things I look forward to in summer is all the coffee shops releasing their delicious, fruity ice cold drinks. However, as tasty as they are, they can set you back if you’re having them on the regular. Do not despair!  A quick online search and a blender give you the freedom to make your own. Who knows, you might come up with an even better flavour yourself!

Take it outside
Throughout summer, outdoor theatres and cinemas pop up all over the country. While some of them will set you back up to £10, they are a great experience. They usually show cult classics or comedic favourites and you can take along a picnic (and perhaps a bottle of vino!) They’re running all over summer—check this web site for screens near you.

If you’re not lucky enough to be near a screening or are just really skint, why not set up your own? A big, white sheet, a projector, some speakers and perhaps a quick warning to the neighbours (or even an invitation?) and you’ll be set for a unique movie experience!

And there you have it—five ways to enjoy the British sunshine without spending a fortune! Enjoy!

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