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Five tips for speed dating

1. Have an open mind

You might be going to make some new friends or you might hunting for the one and while you may not meet exactly who you think you’re looking for, you will undoubtedly meet some interesting people. So someone might not be husband material it doesn’t mean they can’t become a friend. The same goes for the other ‘datees’, don’t view them as competition, get chatting, it will take the pressure off and you might find some new members of your squad!

2. Have a conversation, not an interview

It’s fine to have an idea of the sort of person you want to meet, but don’t have a list of questions with set of criteria that needs to be met. No one wants to feel like they’re in a job interview, and yes the person you’re talking too can definitely tell when you’re ticking boxes in your head.

3. Keep it interesting

After the first few dates talking about where you’re from and what you do for work get boring, so think of things to talk about that would spark up a conversation, and allow you to get to know them better. Talk about music, films, pets, when was the last time you went bowling, where you would travel if you had a time machine, if Batman is a superhero or not. Anything that goes beyond what they do to put food on the table, because there is more to a person then their job.

4. It’s only three minutes, so be nice

Sure this person is clearly not the one for you, they prefer dogs to cats and think Disney films are stupid. (Things you have learnt by asking interesting questions!). You don’t have to see them again, so unless they have horrifically offended you, do the decent thing and be nice and continue the conversation. There is no need to be rude!

5. Write notes

Meeting a lot of people in such a small amount of time is a bit full on, so after every date, make sure you write notes about the person on some paper you can take home. If you don’t, you may end up with getting matched with people that you can’t properly remember. It’s also helpful to make notes of people that have come to the event together otherwise, you may find yourself in trouble when you’re sending the same message to two of your matches but they happen to be friends.


Do you have any speed dating tips? Let us know in the comments below!