Five Things to Catch up on iPlayer This Weekend

Written by AndrewMusgrove1

The Voice UK, Series 3: 

The Voice UK, Series 3: It’s back and supposedly better than ever, whether that is the case I will leave to your judgement.  But this series brings up a welcomed relief of Jessie J who from the first moment swung around on her red chair grinded on the nation, she’s replaced by Kylie Minogue.

And the Kaiser Chiefs’ front man Ricky Wilson takes over from The Scripts’ Danny O’Donoghue and the changes seem to work, averaging 8.4m viewers and at a peak of 10m for this episode but did they see something they liked?

Well it’s very much the same old same old but with the sympathy card that is the foundation of X-Factor slowly creeping into the proceedings.   I’ll let you make your own mind up about the judges but the concern has to be that the gorgeous Kylie is carrying the same annoying traits that Jessie J had.

Available to watch until 8:29PM on Saturday 12th April 2014

Motorway Cops – Series 5: Dangerous Highways

A show that has turned into a surprise ratings hit for the BBC, Motorway Cops will be back for an eighth series later this year but for now series seven is about halfway through and once again it’s gripping. In this episode there is a drugs bust and a jack knifed lorry amongst other incidents. It might sound a bit bland but let’s not deny it, if it’s on you’ll be watching it.

Available to watch until 8:59PM on Thursday 23rd January 2014

Panorama: I Want My Baby Back

A harrowing investigation questioning if parents have wrongly and cruelly had their children taken from them for unfounded reasons such as undiagnosed medical conditions. With evidence from doctors and first hand tales of parents who have experienced such heartache,  it gets you thinking about just what goes on behind the doors of the relatively secret family courts.

Available to watch until 10:29PM on Tuesday 13th January 2014

Bad Education – Series 1: Sex Education

While we wait for series three, BBC Three are busy repeating series one of this popular sitcom written and starring Jack Whitehall as the utterly useless but lovable teacher Alfie Wickers. This, one of the funniest episodes, sees Alfie hilariously try to teach the kids about sex, cue the predictable awkwardness and stupidity that you’d expect.

The Doors: Story of an LA Woman

Arguably The Doors’ must popular album, LA Woman, was released in April 1971 this is the tale of how the album came together.  With exclusive interviews and special performances with the remaining members of the band and a look at archive material this is a fantastic look into an era that was built around American hostility to the Vietnam War and the consequential social unrest.

Available to watch until 2:39AM on Monday, 20th January 2014.

What do you think? What would you add to the list to catch up on? Have your say in the comments section below.

Image: Benjah-bmm27 / Wikimedia Commons