Five best beaches you should visit this summer

With travel featuring massively on nearly all of our bucket lists, we’ve heard all about the backlog of British Passports in the news recently.

With travel featuring massively on nearly all of our bucket lists, we’ve heard all about the backlog of British Passports in the news recently. This has caused the media to question whether it was down to the lack of staff after jobs were cut or if the economy really was booming, an increase which may have resulted in more of us being able to afford holidays outside the UK.

A lot of people do not class holidaying in the UK as a holiday, but anywhere can be a holiday, if you make it one! There are plenty of resorts in Britain and many, many things to do, but we mustn’t forget that there are some lovely beaches not forgetting that there really are some lovely beaches.

Just because your local beach isn’t ‘holiday-like,’ it doesn’t mean that others within the country cannot have a beach just as beautiful as one in Spain! Here are five beaches within Britain that I feel are perfect for a short break. They’re also in the top 10 of many holiday sites such as TripAdvisor.

Woolacombe Beach, Woolacombe, Devon

With Devon situated in the south of the country, the beach is perfect to visit in the summer months. The beach has sand upon sand, which many of us Brits desire the gorgeous sandy beaches rather than a scattering of stones. The beach has a few cliffs, which are great if you’re looking for a break from being on the beach. Not forgetting a selection of rock pools, perfect for families to do some exploring.

Blackpool Sands, Devon

Devon is home to such glorious beaches. Blackpool Sands is a privately managed beach, the size of the beach is rather small, but surrounded by pines. This attraction is perfect for a short break away with the family, or even with your loved one!

Bournemouth Beach

The city of Bournemouth overlooks such a lovely area of sandy beaches. It is known that it is one of the best city beaches in the UK. Bournemouth is your typical British beach, and very traditional. On a clear day, you can see the needles on the Isle of Wight.

Armadale Bay Beach, Scotland

This beach is pure sand. Although situated in Scotland, when the weather does reach its high’s in Scotland, this beach resort is perfect for relaxing and taking in the beautiful views. The beach is a popular destination for surfers as there is quite a bit of wind, but with breath-taking views, it would be worth the wind!

Brighton Beach

Brighton is such an icon for Britain, with gorgeous beaches and its southern position, the beach attracts many visitors from all over the country for some of the glorious sunshine. The pier is well known and has to be one of the best piers in the UK. Not forgetting that beach Frisbee is a well-known activity, which can keep anyone occupied on a day when it’s just a bit too chilly to sit on the beach.

What do you think? What beach would you add to the list? Have your say in the comments section below.