First group of refugees arrive in UK

A number of Syrian refugees were welcomed into the country today, the Home Office has said.

Whilst the government has not provided specific details about how many refugees were allowed into the country, it has been confirmed that these are the first of the 20,000 refugees to be taken in.

Prime Minster David Cameron has said that the UK will take the most vulnerable refugees from Syria and the surrounding countries.

Under the UK’s resettlement scheme, the refugees will have immediate access to housing, medical care, education and work.

It rules that any refugee will be funded by the government for one year and have humanitarian protection for five years, after which they can then apply to permanently settle in the UK.

With the guidance of the scheme, the UK is set to take in 4,000 refugees per year until 2020.

Meanwhile, the European Union have backed a plan to resettle 120,000 refugees which the UK has decided not to partake in.