Explosion in Kabul kills at least 80

ISIL have claimed responsibility for blasts in the Afghan capital Kabul. The two explosions targeted the demonstration by the Hazara, a shia ethnic minority who were protesting about a new power line. 


The attack happened on Saturday, and, if it was committed by ISIL, it will be the first attack by the group in Kabul, and the largest attack committed by the group in Afghanistan. 

In a statment released to the media, the Taliban condemned the attack and stated that they were not responsible for it. 



Key facts

  • The Hazara are the third largest ethnic group in Afghanistan
  • They are mainly of Mongolian and central Asian decent
  • The Hazara are mostly Shia practicing in mainly Sunni Afghanistan and Pakistan
  • Afghanistan has been at war for decades and is trying to build up the economy
  • In 2004 the country voted for its first democratically elected president, Hamid Karzai