Shoppers killed in Munich shooting

Europe has once again seen a mass killing on a Friday night, the third significant act of violence in eight days.

After last week’s Batille Day killing in Nice, Munich has now suffered a shooting at its Olympia shopping centre. A video of the shooter outside a McDonald’s restaurant has been verified.

This follows a suspected Islamic extremist axe attack on a train in Baveria on Monday where five people were wounded, 2 critically.

At least 8 people have died. The number of those injured is unclear.

There are reports of up to 3 gunmen at large and authorities have told the public to clear the streets in Germany’s third largest city. The current lockdown has led to public transport being suspended and highways being sealed off.

A police spokesman said, “There are shooters on the run who are dangerous”

Munich police have said this is a suspected terrorism incident, and that the suspects are still at large. Although members of ISIS celebrated on social media, with one user claiming that Islamic State are expanding into Europe,, the gunman is reported to have spoken in unaccented German, leading to theories that it could be a right wing activist or activists. The Norwegian far right atttacker Anders Brevivik killed 77 people 5 years ago today.

A police press conference has reported that a “short hand gun or pistol” was used. Although there are also reports of longer barrelled guns being used.

President Obama has said that his, “heart goes out to Germany”.

German gun law is one of the toughest in the world with only licensed gun owners permitted to lawfully acquire, possess or transfer a firearm or ammunition.