Eurovision Song contest – let’s drink to its success

Eurovision, possibly the cheesiest show out there and one which most students would probably turn their nose up at.

Eurovision, possibly the cheesiest show out there and one which most students would probably turn their nose up at. It’s end of exam season and a Saturday night, so you’d much rather go out than stay in and watch it, right? But I have a solution that will probably change your loathing of Eurovision to a love for it! No it isn’t because this year the UK will see a 76-year-old prancing around the stage with the most unusual name possible – Engelbert Humperdinck- or that Jedward will be representing Ireland for the second year running with their crazy outfits and ridiculous dance routines. I have discovered the Eurovision drinking game!

Browsing around the Internet, there seem to be hundreds of different rules for the game and if you use them all, you’ll be drinking constantly throughout the whole show and just get hideously drunk. The rules include drinking whenever the host and hostess try to be funny and fail – isn’t that every time they speak? You must drink if neighbouring countries give each other 12 points e.g. Ireland and United Kingdom or Greece and Cyprus. The drinking game notices the cliches of the show and makes it fun. Being drunk you’ll also start enjoying the show instead of shaking your head in embarrassment at it. The contest is normally over by 11pm so this game is just a warm up before your Saturday night out.

So why loathe it? Theres too much to love! You can even buy a t-shirt on the official Eurovision website to express your love for the contest! The cheesy songs, the expected results…I say this but Azerbaijan…where’s that? That wasn’t exactly an expected win last year, but as expected the UK didn’t win. 

I don’t see how the UK will do well this year either, although I know little about Engelbert Humperdinck I’m sure the viewers are most likely to vote for people like Joan Franka who is the Netherlands entry. Young and pretty and probably with a lot more energy on stage than Humperdinck. Let’s hope his name may amuse the international viewers and bag us a few votes!

I don’t seem to be the only one who has an embarrassing love for the show otherwise there wouldn’t be ‘Eurovision in Concert’ happening on the 21st April in the Netherlands. According to tweets I’ve seen, the concert is even popular amongst Australians who are flying over for the event! The concert has 20 performers from the 2012 contest and it takes place in May in Baku, Azerbaijan. 

Travelling to the Netherlands for the concert may be a little far and Baku even farther but you can tune into BBC1 on 26th May for the final, just remember to get your drinks ready! Check out this website for the drinking game rules. They may have been written a while ago, but you’ll soon realise the cliches haven’t changed!