Eurovision Song Contest 2015: The best tweets from the night

Written by themaxdog

A big event like Eurovision isn’t complete without the mandatory comments plastered all over social media. Last night, Twitter was awash with opinions, with people tweeting about their favourite (and least favourite) acts from around the globe. Let’s take a look at some of the best tweets from the contest.

Before the songs even started, commentator Graham Norton set the tone for the evening with humour and sarcastic remarks.

The contest was opened with a performance by reigning champion, Conchita, and a film explaining this year’s theme – Building Bridges.

Half an hour in, and Slovenia eventually kicked off the competition.

France followed with the first of the ‘songs with a serious message.’

Israel’s contestant was a 16 year old boy called Nadav Guedj who, as Graham said, instead looked about 35.

After Estonia came the UK’s entry. Twitter had mixed feelings about Electro Velvet.

Next were the somewhat menacing Armenia, as described by our Film Editor Emily Murray.

Lithuania managed to lighten the mood with a High School Musical esque song.

Then came Serbian Lisa Riley. However, the Twittersphere seemed unable to decide who Norway’s Debrah Scarlett resembled most.

Even at this stage, Sweden were firm favourites.

Tim Schou, 2011’s Denmark representative, didn’t seem to be a fan of Cyprus.

No-one was really sure why Australia were competing this year, but Belgium were next.

Host country Austria, then Greece and Montenegro followed.

After last year’s Polish entry, many were disappointed with their offering this year.

Then came Latvia.

Followed by Romania.

Spain were apparently inspired by Little Red Riding Hood.

Hungary were next.

Georgia seemed to be going for ‘roadkill chic.’

Author Chris d’Lacey wasn’t impressed with Azerbaijan’s dancing.

Actor Mark Gatiss voiced the thoughts many people were having about Russia.

Albania weren’t very memorable.

Last were Italy.

Then we were finally onto the results. Some people took it seriously…

…Others were a bit tongue in cheek.

While others took the sarcasm to the next level.

And to end, my personal favourite: