Eurovision 2016: The best tweets from the night

Last Saturday, May 14th, marked the annual evening of glitter, wind machines, questionable outfit choices, and general craziness that’s also known as Eurovision. This year’s contest was held in Sweden, following Måns Zelmerlöw’s victory with ‘Heroes’ in Austria the year before. Hosted by none other than the reigning champion, Måns himself, alongside Eurovision regular Petra Mede, the theme this year was ‘come together’. As the show kicked off, fans around the world took to Twitter to share their thoughts about the 26 competing countries. But what did the Twittersphere have to say? I take a look at some of the best tweets from the night.

The competition got off to a great start with a bouncy, feelgood number from Belgium.

And we can’t not mention the Netherlands and THAT pause…

Israel seemed to be going for the astrophysicist votes.

Song number 9 came with a heartfelt tribute to former Eurovision host, the late Sir Terry Wogan, from current host Graham Norton.

Next we were treated to a rather bizarrely dressed German entry.

Poland included one of the most important aspects of a winning Eurovision song – the key change!

Ah, Australia, that well-known European country.

Cyprus brought the rock… and all the special effects ever invented.

It looked like Lithuania had jumped straight out of a timewarp.

Innocent drinks were definitely one of the Twitter Eurovision winners this year:

Croatia won the award for most impractical outfit.

Upon hearing that the Russian entrant owns a dog confectionary business called ‘Poodle Strudel’ (yes, you read that right!) 

Spain went for a sporty theme.

Latvia were next…

Then it was the turn of Ukraine.

Everyone seemed to recognise Georgia from somewhere, they just weren’t quite sure where…

Austria were very sweet and twee this year. She also sang in French for some reason.

Then it was time for the UK to perform.

A lot of people thought our entrant bore a strong resemblance to a certain much-hated Game of Thrones character…

During the interval, Justin Timberlake rocked up to do a quick performance for reasons that weren’t really clear.

Then the hosts did a surprisingly entertaining ‘how to win Eurovision’ guide through the medium of, you guessed it, song and dance.

Meanwhile, Kettle were busy asking the most important questions.

Finally it was time for the voting to begin!

Australia took an early lead, but with the new voting system, things got very tense as Europe saw one of the closest results in years.

After a nailbiting finish, Ukraine pipped Australia to the post to take the top spot. The UK came 24th out of 26 (sigh) but at least we did better than poor Germany, who finished in last place.

Predictably, Russia were none too pleased about the final result.

We might not have agreed about the results, but if there were two things Europe could manage to agree on, it would be these:

What did you think of Eurovision this year? Who do you think should have won? Let us know in the comments below!