Essential technologies to run casino business 

Written by Nigel Simpkins

Casino gambling is the process of playing a game of making money which involves placing bets or playing the odds in the hope and options of winning the game. Despite of the huge changes in the casino gambling industry from the rise of technology to playing methods and betting as well, the industry is running in its own way. Many casinos across the world, despite their flash and glamorous appearance, fail to meet the growing security demands with technology backgrounds. The nature of the casino business is very dynamic but many casino business owners still depend on the old analogue system operations like old fashioned surveillance equipment, tapes to track, VCRs and Scrutinize Frauds. However, this is not right for all types of online casinos.

What is NetEnt Casino?

One of the greatest online software technology providers is NetEnt Casino which offers casino games like blackjack, video slots, scratch cards, roulette and so on. So, while playing online casino, it can happen that you can also play exactly the same NetEnt game in another online casino.

A NetEnt production means that the game which player is loading is developed by a reliable software company with global appeal. It is one of the market leaders in the online casino industry. The primary concern of the company is to develop and product of new famous games.

Now, one of the most important aspects of casino gaming is the rules and regulations with casino surveillance and security systems to remove the fraudulence and provide security and safety of the company. Here we are presenting few technologies that casino operators are using:

License Plate Reader:

It is the basic but effective technology that can detect cheater’s cars before they enter into the casino property. The camera is able to capture snapshots of every car entering into the casinos with the special optical character recognition software converts the letters and numbers into text. The car plate then compares with the previously marked undesirables from their database and if any match found then the screen becomes hot.

Face Recognition:

Video surveillance can enable biometric face recognition where cameras can scan people when they enter into the casino building. Biometric face recognition is comparatively a new technology which completely replaces the old system of human-led scanning method. This system can automatically detect the human faces, capture the snapshot of each and everyone and can able to analyses the snapshots to compare them against the images of undesirables present in the database.

Angel Eye Technology:

Angel Eye is designed to address the issue of card switching prevalent in many Asian countries. This software works on the bar codes placed printed on each card with invisible ink. It can track the card from the time the dealer deals and then send the information to the connected computer. After the card on the table revealed, the dealer then presses the button so that it can reveal the result as judged by the computer. Now, if the result on the table does not match with the computer, then the security becomes activate to work on.