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Easy and inexpensive ways landlords can improve student accommodation

Written by Nigel Simpkins

The average price of student accommodation has increased by almost a third in just six years in the UK, according to a recent survey. The good news is that this increase is believed to be driven largely by the standard of accommodation improving. However, this brings concerns that students, who often already struggle financially, may find their situation exacerbated. Fortunately, landlords can improve the accommodation they offer to students without spending a fortune while maintaining reasonable rent prices.

Spruce up the bathroom

A bathroom is an important room, especially for students who are sharing it with others. It’s essential that the bathroom is fully functional and not at risk of damp problems. Tiling the room can be a one-time expense that really pays off in the long run, as tiles can be easily wiped clean, helping landlords to avoid mould and dirt problems. If the bathroom is already tiled, an inexpensive way to improve them is by redoing the caulk and grout, which will make it even more long-lasting and look fresh. Seek out areas where storage can be added to help students out a lot in a shared bathroom. Putting up some shelves and bringing in some wicker basket storage units can make a big difference, but cost very little.

Add some colour and customisation

Painting a property in neutral colours can help to make it look bigger, clean, and inviting, but students really want to be able to customise their home and express themselves. An easy way to allow them to do this is by hanging up items like a notice board and whiteboard that they can use. Shelves also allow students to have some of their things on display, such as photos and ornaments, which can make a big difference to them. Landlords can create feature walls that allow them to keep the majority of a room neutral but adds a splash of colour or a pattern on just one wall. Feature walls in bedrooms are particularly good as students can choose a room based on the colour they like and landlords only have to pay for the paint.

Make the kitchen work for students

One of the biggest problems with student accommodation is that it often comes with a small kitchen. When there are several people living together they’ll usually end up trying to prepare food at the same time, so finding ways to maximise space is crucial. Bringing in storage units that double up as worktop space can immediately mean more people can use the kitchen at once. Putting locks on cupboards and allocating them to each student can help to prevent problems and students usually like knowing that their food won’t be touched by others. Landlords can also bring in additional fridges and freezers if there’s space for them, such as in a garage, or offer mini-fridges in bedrooms.

There are plenty of ways that landlords can improve their property to make it appeal to students and work better for them. Functionality and security are key, but students also want to have some colour in their home and be able to customise their surroundings.