When to wear different bra styles

Written by Nigel Simpkins

A bra is just a bra… isn’t it?

Wrong! The kind of bra you wear makes a big difference to the way you feel, the way you behave and the way your clothes fit. It’s very important to ensure you know your accurate bra size – this is vital for the correct fit, whatever style you choose. Likewise, wearing the wrong style bra for a certain piece of clothing can make you uncomfortable, impacting how good you feel in your carefully curated outfit, and making you grumpy while you grapple with constantly adjusting throughout the day. We’ve put together a list of the most common bra types to help you choose the right piece that will allow you to shine. 

T-shirt bra

A t-shirt bra is usually in a soft material with slim, complete cups that almost fully fit around your breasts for a smooth look. They don’t typically have adornments, such as lace or beading, so that they look as seamless as possible. This means they’re an ideal go-to choice for white t-shirts, as they are unlikely to show through your top. 


This kind of bra is designed to be worn without straps and therefore typically has a wider band around the chest to support your bust. This kind of bra is an essential weapon in any woman’s arsenal for those outfits which make bra straps unsightly, such as strapless dresses, occasion dresses and bandeau tops. 

Push up 

If you’d like to enhance the natural shape of your bust, using a push up bra encourages your breasts to sit on foam inserts, accentuating your cleavage. This kind of bra can be useful for outfits which are low cut, to create a plunging neckline.  


Multiway bras are the Swiss Army Knife of the bra world; if you need a bra that can cope with multiple kinds of neckline, this is the bra you need. By using hooks at various points of the cups and band, these bras can often be configured into halter, strapless, one strap, cross back, t-shirt and more. This bra is ideal for travel, where you can’t afford the luggage room to take too many different bra styles and need a good all-rounder. 

Sports bra

When doing physical activity, a normal bra is unlikely to perform well enough. Sports bras usually have thicker straps, more material at the front and back to reduce movement inside the cups and are often made from a material better suited to moisture wicking. This combination offers tighter coverage than everyday bras, keeping your breasts firmly supported while you enjoy your workout. It’s important to identify whether you need light, medium or firm hold for your workouts, as this needs to match the intensity of the exercise. 

Lingerie sets

For times when form is more important than function, lingerie sets are the perfect way to make you feel good; there’s nothing quite like the confidence of wearing matching bras and knickers in a pretty lingerie set. Not only this, lingerie sets also offer the most possibilities in terms of design, with endless varieties of lace, beading, detailing, shape and colour combinations to enhance your beautiful natural shape.