Doctor Who Series 9 – what you can expect

After a season finale which thrilled some viewers and disappointed others, the Doctor Who fandom have been waiting what seems like an age for season nine. Finally, it’s coming to our screens on 19th September.

So, what’s new in the Doctor Who world?

Get used to Missy

The first big news is that Missy, the female incarnation of the Doctor’s old enemy, the Master, has been promoted to a series regular. How this will work no one is quite sure. You can’t have a serial villain become a companion – can you?

We are set to see the return of Osgood, even though she was vaporised in the season eight finale and, just as surprisingly, Alex Kingston is reprising her role as the Doctor’s personal assassin/eventual wife, River Song.

Thrones meets Who

I am particularly excited – as are many viewers – about Maisie Williams’ Doctor Who debut. Although best known for Game of Thrones, Williams has proven herself to be quite the accomplished actress in productions such as Cyberbully and Fallen.

A sad goodbye

It has, however, been announced that this series is to be the last in which Jenna Coleman will star, having been scooped up by ITV to star as the title character in new costume drama, Victoria. This third and final series makes her the longest running companion since the show rebooted in 2005. Coleman will certainly be going out in style: Saturday’s episode ‘The Magician’s Apprentice’, looks set to be a big one, with lots of Daleks confirmed to appear.

A ‘huge cliffhanger’, is rumoured to conclude the episode before the second installment of the two-part story. The episode will also feature UNIT head of scientific research, Kate Lethbridge- Stewart, who will either be fighting, or forming an alliance with murderous time lady Missy, and a few Judoon to boot.

Out to prove itself

One might say that Doctor Who’s storylines and writing got worse last season. The moon being a giant egg comes to mind. However, the prologue to season nine looks promising –  we see the Doctor having an ambiguous, yet seemingly critical discussion, with Ohila, a member of the Sisterhood of Karn who helped the Doctor regenerate.

Personally, I hope that Peter Capaldi benefits from some quality writing this season, as he’s such an accomplished actor. 


Word in the Doctor Who blogiverse is that there will be an episode in which the Doctor is the only character to feature. Which means that the whole episode will be a Peter Capaldi extended monologue. And I can’t wait.

The synopsis for this episode simply reads: “This is footage collected from a space rescue mission. If you value your life, your sanity, and the future of your species, DO NOT WATCH IT.”

Okay, we get it – it’s cryptic. But Daleks, Zygons, Maisie Williams, Peter Capaldi, two-parters, the Master alive and kicking, brand new enemies and ancient foes are all on the cards.

The Magician’s Apprentice will be broadcast on Saturday 19th September at 7:40pm.

Stay tuned for Kettle’s Doctor Who reviews throughout the series.