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Do we really need to go out on Valentine’s Day?

Ah. So here we are again. The time of year when the shops are abundant with red roses, stuffed teddies and chocolates which spell ‘I Love You’. Valentine’s Day is upon us.

Normally, people seem to divided into the categories of ‘single’ and ‘taken’, with the single folk drowning their sorrows in a bottle of wine, and the taken folk smooching with their loved ones in a candlelit restaurant. Well I for one am neither of those. Although I am in a relationship, I refuse to spend my Valentine’s Day with the rest of the general public’s sweethearts. I will be spending my day with my boyfriend. However, I don’t expect fancy meals and elaborate dates.

Don’t let the crowds ruin your night

Have you ever actually been to the cinema on Valentine’s Day? It’s crammed, it’s sweaty, and you might not even get to the film that you originally went out to see. And there’ll be no chance of kissing in the back seats, because you’ll probably be sat right at the front, straining your eyes so much so that your eye make-up gets ruined, right next to an annoying early teen couple giggling and chatting the entire time.

Even worse than the cinema, is a restaurant on Valentine’s Day. The prices are bumped sky high, despite it serving the same food that it does all year round, and you won’t even get a table with a nice view. You’re more likely to end up near the toilets. You definitely won’t be able to hear your partner speak, and you’ll be rushed in and out of there so fast by stressed-out waiters that you won’t enjoy one part of the experience.

So, why not do what I’m doing on Valentine’s Day?

Spend the day with that someone special, relaxing in your own home. Crack open a bottle of the good stuff, dim the lights, pop on a romantic movie, and get him to step into the kitchen and cook you a delicious home-cooked meal. Trust me, when your other taken friends tell you all about their horrific night, you’ll be grateful that you listened to me.

Do you have any plans for Valentine’s Day this year? Let us know in the comments below!