DiCaprio and Scorsese: A Dream Team

It has recently been announced that kings of collaboration Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese have teamed up once again to create a must see film. 

The Devil in the White City is already sparking rumours of clinching DiCaprio that oh so near Oscar and when you hear the plot it’s pretty clear why.  The film will be based on Erik Larson’s 2003 eponymous novel, which follows the life of Dr H.H. Holmes; hotelier, pharmacist, and serial murderer.

The excitement over this next collaboration has been expressed by lots of excited fans on Twitter.


Such a protagonist suggests the film won’t be disappointing, especially with this team’s repertoire. In celebration of this new film venture it seemed only right to honour three of the best Scorsese and DiCaprio films.


3. The Aviator (2004)



Scorsese’s representation of Howard Hughes’ glory years will remain a classic for a long time. From the beautiful wardrobe and staging, to the portrayal of Hughes’ troubled character, he created a sense of Hollywood that can be relived in this film.

The only thing that matched Scorsese’s direction was DiCaprio’s unflawed performance as the eccentric millionaire, whose life deteriorates before him.

2. The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)



It might shock some that The Wolf of Wall Street comes second in this list considering the abundance of awards that it picked up following its release in 2013.

The controversial movie is renowned for its explicit language, sexual content and copious drug use. Alongside that is the portrayal Scorsese set out to create, the illegal money laundering of Jordan Belfort. Played by DiCaprio, Belfort’s life deteriorates in a similar fashion to Hughes’, although very different reasons.

The whole feel of the film was created to give us an insight into how Belfort (and others) justified an illegal lifestyle, and it certainly does it in a way the audience is unlikely to forget.

1. Shutter Island (2010)



The intricate plot line of Shutter Island doesn’t just make it my favourite Scorsese and DiCaprio collaboration, but one of my favourite films of all time.

Without giving too much away (for those emerging from under their rock) but the plot twist here is so well done, and small signifiers in the film are so subtle and well polished, that it’s hard to find fault with any part of this movie.

DiCaprio’s role as Teddy Daniels in the film is measured and carefully played out, down to every movement and hand gesture.

It may be one to rewatch a few times to appreciate the full extent of this duo’s genius, but once you do it is well worth it.


Do you agree with these favourites or have the best been missed out? Who are your other favourite Director/Actor collaborations? Let us know in the comments below!