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Top tips to help you while at university

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Now that A Level results have been released many people will be preparing for the beginning of university. Here at Kettle we’ve already been through the first nerve wracking weeks of uni and have decided to compile a list of tips for those little things you might not think of (because we’re super nice like that!).

  • Buy a portable charger, they’re worth the price (you can even buy solar powered ones) and will be lifesavers when you can’t find a plug socket.
  • Always carry headphones.
  • To make assignments easier, pick your essay/presentation/project topic as soon as the course information is released. Then over the weeks you can leisurely peruse the library for articles/books and photocopy/print these out and keep them in a folder. When it comes to writing up the work you already have all your research and won’t panic when you can’t get hold of a vital book from the library. This will save you both stress and tears.

  • If you are living in London, you can link your student card with your Oyster card.
  • Carry your uni ID everywhere with you. Not only is it needed to get into the buildings and library, but you can use it when shopping or eating out to get discount.
  • Buy an NUS student card. They are worth it in the end, however be wary of the international one as when I tried to use it on holiday it wasn’t recognised.

  • To make sure you get a computer during exam season, go exploring around the campus to find the smaller computer labs hidden in darkened corners of the buildings.
  • Find the technicians office, then you have an emergency port of call when your laptop/presentation is refusing to play.
  • Have snacks with you, some lectures/seminars might be so close together that you do not get a long enough break to go and eat.

  • Hold back on buying the suggested books, your lecturer might be able to tell you where to get the cheapest copy, and if they say older editions are as good as new copies, buy second hand.
  •  Talk to everyone, we are all nervous and want to make friends. 

What do you think? What other tips would you add? Have your say in the comments section below.