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December: the month of merriness, festivity, and sex

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Written by kayleygilbert

This time of year most people tend to be worrying about end of term deadlines, overcooking the turkey and getting everything done before the big day arrives. However, national birth records also tell us that people are doing more than working and shopping in the days leading up to Christmas. Indeed, it has been found that December 11 is the most popular day to conceive.

Some scientists have suggested that sperm quality is better in winter due to the colder air and that this is why there are so many conceptions this time of year. However, it’s not just that it may be easier to conceive; the online site Lovehoney has found that couples have sex more frequently this time of year. So why is it that December is such a sexually active month?

Romantic settings

This time of year, especially in the UK, it is nearly always raining. Combine this with the evenings getting gradually colder, people are staying in. This often results in cosy nights in front of the television, with the fire roaring and a nice glass of wine (or two). A warm and cosy setting, with the elements battling the house outside, creates the perfect romantic moment. It’s no wonder people get so frisky this time of year!


Less work

Whether you are a student at university or are in paid work, workloads tend to become more relaxed this time of year in the wind up to Christmas. Although this isn’t true for everyone – clearly depending on your field of work, or whether you have January exams – Christmas has a great relaxing effect.

Just being at home and feeling more relaxed during the evenings helps everyone forget about the stresses of work and deadlines. For students away at university, just going home often has this affect. Especially for those in long distance relationships, the ease of work pressures allows you to be at home to see each other. This all has a great effect on a couple’s libido.


Parties and alcohol

December is also the month of parties. We’re all more likely to be relaxed by the alcohol and merriness that comes with the festive season. With Christmas work parties, friends organising nights out to catch up after a long term away at university or at work, and family occasions around every corner, festive alcohol-induced romance is common.

Without deadlines and a huge pile of work at home to panic about, helped along by the extraordinary amount of mulled wine being consumed, December parties are the perfect time to relax and let go. Whether it be after meeting someone at a friend’s Christmas party, or with your partner on returning home, Christmas parties do a great deal to get people in the mood. The evenings are always festive, cosy, and booze-filled. Enough to get anyone in the mood!


Planned conception

For those who are planning to conceive, December is also a popular month. Not only is this a month that allows for greater alone time with your partner, many choose to conceive in December in order to give birth in September. Some believe that children born towards the beginning of their school year are more likely to be more mature. And of course all parents want to give their children the best chance in life.

This all means that December is the perfect month for taking established relationships to the next level, and for singletons to get lucky when all dressed up and drinking at those Christmassy parties. With cosy nights at home in front the fire with a glass of wine, and tipsy nights out with cheesy Christmas music, it’s no wonder that December is such a sexually popular month.

So to all of you, both single and in a relationship, have fun this December. Just remember that, unless you want to become the parent of an intellectually mature kid next September, stay safe!

Merry Christmas.