Cruelty free makeup brands you need in your life right now

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Written by Leah

In this day and age it still continues to surprise me that so many Makeup companies continue to test on animals. Being a total animal lover buying makeup that bashes bunnies is something that’s never sit right with me, but I’ve always found that it’s hard to find makeup that is genuinely good and doesn’t smack my moral compass out of whack. So here’s the top beauty brands I swear by.


NYX is one of my favourite brands at the minute for both affordability and quality. The formula of their liquid lipsticks is to die for and at around £7 a pop per lipstick it won’t devastate your wallet. Also, their Doll Eye Mascara works wonders on my stubby eyelashes.

NYX lingerie cruelty free lipstick

Kat Von D

It should come as no surprise that the Queen of anti-animal cruelty herself Miss Kat Von D has a devastatingly good cruelty free makeup line to boot. Her tattoo liner is the easiest, most precise liner you’ll ever use in your life. Promise me, you won’t regret it.

Kat Von D tattoo liner

Barry M

Barry M is probably one of those brands that have been overlooked by many due to beliefs that they’re marketed at a younger audience – which is probably down to their candy coloured packaging. But don’t let that fool you, their makeup is seriously good – did I mention they now have a lipstick that changes colour?!

Barry M cruelty free makeup

Urban Decay

As one of the big makeup giants it may come as a surprise to learn that they’re actually cruelty free. I LOVE the All Nighter Foundation – finally a full coverage foundation that blends away your blemishes and doesn’t feel like you’re wearing a full face mask. Pair it with their setting spray and you’ll be ready to glow all night long.

Urban decay naked cruelty free makeup

BH Cosmetics

Not many of you may have heard of this one, but let me tell you what you’ve been missing out on. Galaxy Eyeshadow. Yup, you heard right. They do baked eyeshadow palettes that are literally out of this world – with shimmering shades and everyday neutrals you’ll be feeling like you’re on another planet. 

BH cosmetics cruelty free makeup