Cheltenham Science Festival Preview

Written by LJayne26

Next up in Cheltenham Festivals' schedule is the annual Science Festival! Full of hands on activities, insights into the world of Science professionals and a whole host of free events; we count down out top 5 things to check out this year!

Over Ambitious Demo Challenge

What? Steve Mould and Andrea Sella host our infamous annual contest to find the most spectacular, impressive and show-stopping science demos. Defending champions Suze Kundu and Brian Mackenwells, are joined by new contenders Ashley Kent and Karl Byrne as the challenge takes on a whole new level of competitiveness. Expect madness, mayhem and magic.

Why? Who doesn’t like a bit of mayhem and madness? Think back to school days in the chemistry lab but multiplied by a hundred. The competition element is set to really ramp things up and we’re looking forward to seeing what the contenders pull out of the bag this year. If you like your science exciting then head along to this for sure.

Doug Allan: Adventures Of A Wildlife Cameraman

What? Across his extraordinary career, celebrated cameraman Doug Allan has been up close and personal with some of nature’s most magnificent creatures, capturing stunning footage for award-winning shows including Planet Earth, alongside David Attenborough. With spectacular clips, Doug shares the incredible behind-the-scenes stories of bringing the world’s wildlife into our living rooms with journalist Julia Wheeler.

Why? Whilst not the first thing many may thing of being at a science festival it is sure to be one of the most interesting and insightful. With the success and popularity of nature documentaries, gaining an insider look into how the incredible footage comes together will give audiences new things to consider about their favourite TV shows. We’re hoping for some exciting tales of life behind the camera. Grab yourself a ticket if you can.

Free Stargazing In The Gardens

What? Join members of the Cotswold Astronomical Society for a supervised evening of stargazing using members’ telescopes. Observe the night sky for yourself, with the chance to see Saturn and Jupiter. Full Moon is 9th June. This event is dependent on clear skies.

Why? There’s something about just relaxing and watching the stars that is incredibly magical. This year the Science Festival, alongside Cotswold Astronomical Society, are hosting free Stargazing events where visitors will be able to learn a little more about the complexity of outer space. How many days of the week do you get to see another planet in detail & get to know some constellations? A great free event all ages will love.

Science: Big bang for your buck?

What? Cancer kills a third of us, yet we spend under £3 per person per year looking for a cure. That’s six times less than we spend on toilet paper! Andrew Steele takes a comical – yet unnervingly accurate – look at how astonishingly underfunded science is compared to the scale of the problems it’s trying to solve. What could our future world look like if the finances were available to tackle the biggest challenges facing humanity?

Why? Given the current political climate and upcoming election, the link between health and money is a hot topic. Andrew Steele’s look into what we’re spending and what we need to do is sure to be incredibly eye opening, as well as a little comical for some light relief, and really make people think.

Young Minds Under Pressure

What? The lives of teens and young adults are increasingly complex, with social media, peer pressure and body image anxieties all contributing towards a rise in mental illness. Join journalist and mental health campaigner Bryony Gordon, mental health expert Ann John and emotional disorders specialist Martina Di Simplicio as they consider how we can transform the way we understand, treat and prevent mental illness in young people.

Why? Mental health is one of the biggest topics in the world of young people right now. This talk at this year’s Science Festival is undeniably going to be one of the most interesting and open up a lot of people’s eyes to the issues that young people are facing today. The festival is also offering a chance for those affected by mental health the opportunity to speak to someone about their issues and get everything out there.

We can’t wait to head along this year. See you there!