Cantaloop bring fusion to new single Avalanching

When Kettle introduced Cantaloop to me, I have to admit I was not quite sure what to expect as I was a little unfamiliar with their work.

When Kettle introduced Cantaloop to me, I have to admit I was not quite sure what to expect as I was a little unfamiliar with their work. But with their new single Avalanching, their song certainly tumbles down with mixed emotions. 
For although they are a fusion of jazz and funk, it is not junk. It’s a like a modern version of The Lighthouse Family, only deeper. Less light more family, I would expect a happier vibe from a soul group but this song is quite deep and serious. Maybe not a song for the summer, perhaps a song for when you want to have a BBQ and it rains so everyone ends up eating cold sausages inside type of vibe; it is quite a sad song. 
But there is a reason behind this, listening to Avalanching you get the feeling of loss and remembrance. Doing my research I had found out that Cantaloop sadly lost one of their members to cancer last year. Avalanching is a celebration of his memory and it is rather touching.
As this song acts as an emotional outlet, maybe forget the BBQ and if you are dealing with a loss then this could be the perfect creative outlet.
Ode to a former member
Often when doing a song as a tribute for someone, it can be a tad tacky but Cantaloop do it in a tasteful way. 
Though this song may be an ode to a former member, I do find that the lyrics and accompanied vocals are rather eerie and disturbing. There are times where I find the lyrics hard to understand.
As there are two layers to the vocals, that being guest vocal Sam Rogers and accompaniment of Dannie Dee, it is rather ghostly and unnerving to hear two voices in a song and they do not do justice for each other. It would sound better with just one solo vocalist. 
I rather prefer Rogers’ vocals on her own in comparison to Dee as her voice emulates the emotion well and cuts through the heart to feel the true sadness. Her voice works well with the smooth sound that Cantaloop have created, it’s as if the music was created for her voice as it is simply beautiful to hear that perfect collaboration. I do hope that Cantaloop pursue that collaboration in the future. 
Redefining the jazz genre
If you do completely take away the vocals, the music on its own is rather beautiful. As I said before it is not the normal jazzy tune I would expect from a band working in this music genre, somehow it does work rather well as piece of music. It is calming and different to what I would usually listen to.
As a listener it can be challenging but I think knowing that this song is a dedication to a loss of a loved one it makes it easier to listen to and understand. I love songs that take you on a journey that tells you a story and makes you as the listener completely involved in the whole song. 
Avalanching is set for release on June 16th. What do you think of the new Cantaloop sound? Let us know in the comments below!