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Britain: A nation of secret chocolate lovers?

Whether it’s dark, milk, white, flavoured, chewy, melted, buttons or bars, there is no denying that chocolate is great. With last week being the offic

Whether it’s dark, milk, white, flavoured, chewy, melted, buttons or bars, there is no denying that chocolate is great. With last week being the official chocolate week (yes we have a whole week dedicated to it, obviously meaning we should eat lots of it), I came to the conclusion that we are a nation of secret chocolate lovers. And yes, I am eating some right now but this is just for research purposes.

Chocolate rather than sex

A recent survey by which questioned 886 people from all over the UK on their chocolate eating habits found some fun, weird and amazing facts. An astounding 57.2 per cent of women would rather have chocolate once a week rather than sex and 1.3 per cent of men agreed. 83.1 per cent of women have bought chocolate as a gift for a friend – but eaten it before they could give their friend it.

Relying on chocolate

I am guilty of this, as one Christmas wrapping up my dad’s box of chocolates I stole one, hoping he wouldn’t notice. He did. Chocolate is not only yummy but it also releases weird things in our body that make us feel happy. So ladies, it IS okay to rely on it sometimes and 71.7 per cent of women eat a family sized chocolate bar on their own at least TWICE per year. It’s okay, I’ve done this too. And with a tub of ice cream. And with a bag of sweets. And a bag of crisps. Find me a woman who hasn’t?

A perfect night needs chocolate

But it’s okay as this survey also showed that 68.3 per cent of women say that a perfect night would include the sweet treat. Women spend £57 a year on chocolate, with men spending £36 on it (including Valentine’s Day… or the cheap bunch of flowers from the petrol station down the road). The supermarket aisles are filled with it and shockingly the average UK resident munches their way through 10kg of chocolate per year with Liverpool residents eating the most (a whopping 14kg). Oh Lord. Research has also showed a high correlation between a nation’s chocolate intake and the number of Nobel Prizes it wins.

So if the UK eats more, we’ll get more prizes. Sounds simple to me. I’ll get started…

The naughty side

It appears that the naughty treat also brings out our naughty side as 78.5 per cent of workers admit stealing chocolate from the communal work fridge. Shock. Women in London are the least likely to share a chocolate bar whereas women in York are the most likely to share a bar of chocolate. However did you know that the word chocolate was first recorded in English in 1604 but the first cup of chocolate was not brewed until 1647? Exactly 200 years later in 1847 Fry’s of Bristol invented the chocolate bar (what a great year that must have been…)

Britain and chocolate

But what is it with chocolate? Why is it so nice? And why is so much eaten? I simply researched the term ‘chocolate lovers’ and up popped chocolate loving holidays, chocolate pizza recipes, days out, manufacturers, factories, souvenirs, jumpers, food and even a chocolate notepad appeared.

With last week being National Chocolate week, you expected to see chocolate everywhere but I have simply come to the conclusion that Britain is just crazy for the chocolate.

Are you a chocoholic? Do you think all Britains are secret sweet consumers? Have your say and leave a comment below.

Image by Nikki Tyse