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Bored? Here is the A-Z of how to beat boredom for good.

Stop thinking and start working your way through this:-

A: is for Alphabetise. It’s a bit of a ‘Monica’ thing to do but it’ll kill some time.
B: BAKE! The Great British Bake-Off has just finished meaning it’s the perfect time to practise those kneading, rolling and decorating skills that you’ve been watching for the past 11 weeks.
C: Clean. Another ‘Monica’ thing but it’s worth doing.
D: Draw. Your attempt at a human face might look more like an eight year-old’s attempt now but if you practise drawing every time you’re bored, you’ll get good in no time. Or, if you’re already good, this will probably be a fun activity for you.
E: is for Exercise. Going for a run, or to the gym, or down the pool or the tennis courts or just doing some star-jumps in your front room are good ways both to get fit and keep healthy but to relieve boredom too. (And it’s all around better for you than the other possibility for E – eating.)
F: Friends. Find your friends and beat the boredom by having fun with them. They’re the only people who will put up with the random nonsense you come out with when you’ve got nothing to do. (F.R.I.E.N.D.S would do just as well for F.)
G: Garden. Prepare for your old-age pursuits by getting some practise at green-thumbery now.
H: Help someone. You don’t need to look far to find someone who needs a bit of help usually whether it’s a friend having some relationship trouble, the old guy down the road trying to fix his fence or the local homeless shelter. 
I: is for Imaaaaginaaation. Pretend you’re being interviewed by Jonathon Ross or helping the Jedi defeat the Galactic Empire. Eventually you’ll realise you’re stood in front of the mirror decapitating invisible Stormtroopers with an imaginary lightsaber and go and find something else to do.
J: Juggle. It’s a skill that looks so cool when you can do it but seems so hard normally. But it’s not that hard if you practise and all you need are 2/3 things that won’t break if you drop them.
K: Read everything on the site! All of it! It’s all wonderful and there’s a good mix of entertaining and informative. Then tell all your friends to do the same.
L: is for Listen. To the radio, to some music, to birdsong (or if you want to be deep and meaningful – to yourself).
M: Mend something. There has got to be something in your house or that you own that is broken in some way. Fix it – before you put it off even longer.
N: Nap. Tried and tested boredom buster.
O: is for Old people. If you’re so bored that you have literally nothing to do, there’s lots of ways you could help the elderly, even just by talking to them. Or, if the idea of being around old people frightens you, the thought of spending the afternoon in the old people’s home might spur you into doing something else instead.
P: Phone your folks. If you don’t want to, that’s fine, but I’m sure the people back home would love to hear from you.
Q: is for Quiz! Quizzes are always fun. Always. Where else are you going to put your knowledge of African flags into practise?
R: is for Read. We should all probably read more. Grab a book, read some pages, fall in love in your own home.
S: is for Shower. (Or Bath, but I’ve already used B.) A great way to kill time because you can justify it as being worthwhile because you’re getting clean at the same time.
T: Tweet. Twitter is the single most effective boredom buster I know. If you’re following the right people (people who tweet regularly and interestingly) this can keep you going for hours through a spell of boredom. But be careful that you don’t get too attached and spend hours on it when you should be writing that essay due tomorrow morning.
U: is for Up. Watch Up, or any Pixar film, because that will be a superb use of 1 ½ – 2 hours of your time.
V: Viral. Think of a way to go viral. Or watch viral videos of cats. Whichever.
W: Work. It might not be exciting, but you’re already bored so you might as well get on with something useful.
X: is for Xbox. 
Y: Young. Be glad you are young and have your whole life stretching out ahead of you. Or, if that doesn’t apply to you, pity the future generations for the mess of a world and an economy they’re inheriting.
Z: is for Zebrasaurus. Just imagine one…
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Image by: Tecna4