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To drink or not to drink? That is the first date question.

Something that goes through everyone’s mind on that first date is whether or not it’s a good idea to have a drink or two.

Sometimes having a drink can seem to have a relaxing effect; we’ve all heard of Dutch courage right? But more often than not it doesn’t seem to stop after a drink or two, it can lead to many drinks which can lower inhibitions, or generally result in you making a bit of a fool of yourself. Of course, there’s nothing to say that is most definitely the case but you’re often faced with the conundrum of whether or not to order that first beer. It’s also a contextual matter, if you’re meant to be taking your date out for a casual drink will you feel silly sat at a bar with a lemonade? If you think it’ll put you into your own little comfort area it’s surely worth it right?
Alcohol free apocolypse
I always find myself feeling happier on a date if I’ve had a drink, more because the entire formality of the situation still feels something alien. We also live in a world where students are expected to drink, ok, most people are expected to have a drink or two, but if you say a student went out at night and doesn’t drink it gets treated like the beginning of the apocalypse. Not drinking on a date, whilst maybe seeming to destroy the norm, may lead to an overall better night, of course, again, depending on what YOU prefer. If you’re attempting to go to dinner (well probably a pub that serves food), will you find it better to not drink? You want to leave a lasting impression, one that’s probably of you as a person you started the night as, the respectable you, as opposed to the you who thinks that your date will enjoy your inherited traffic cone friend as much as you do.
The confidence to meet someone new and just put yourself out there doesn’t always come natural though. Whilst you might think that spending a first date completely sober may seem like a good idea ordering your favourite drink is, undoubtedly, a good icebreaker. Sure, the same thing may be said about your favourite soft drink but I’ve never sat with friends and had a passionate debate about our favourite brands of lemonade.
Passion over lemonade?
In the end we have both positives and negative to staying sober on a first date. You might give off your best impression to your first date but you lose a nice conversational starter, of course some students don’t drink but sadly there is still a stigma towards being on a night out sober, and of course you’ll have to put up with those who want to club well into the twilight hours.
Of course, that first impression does matter. Whilst you might not want to spend your first date with someone entirely sober, one or two drinks might be a more sensible idea that hitting the town to paint it red. Your best bet is no doubt to stay sober to a reasonable level in order to hope that you actually manage to achieve date number two.
What are your experiences? Do dates and alcohol mix or is it simply a recipe for disaster?
Image by: Eleazar