Bitching, Cheating and Champers: Top 7 Moments of Made in Chelsea

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Written by Liam Hughes
It’s time to dust off your tiaras and brush up on your totes posh accent as Made in Chelsea is back!

It’s time to dust off your tiaras and brush up on your totes posh accent as Made in Chelsea is back! E4’s constructed reality show will be hitting our screens for its seventh run on April 7. The series has shown us that being loaded isn’t all it’s cracked up to be as posh people have all the same kinds of dramas as we do.
Made in Chelsea has made stars of the young, rich and good looking that inhabit the Chelsea area, including the love-him-or-hate-him Spencer Matthews, charmingly immature Jamie Laing, top knot Adonis Oliver Proudlock, outspoken Mark-Francis Vandelli and down-to-earth Binky Felstead, who are all set to return for the seventh series.
In celebration of its return I take a look at the top seven moments from the TV show: 
Millie’s Toast
Quality Street heiress, Millie Mackintosh stole much of the limelight during series two with her tears, tantrums and vodka throwing antics but she didn’t disappoint when it came to the rather explosive series finale.
Millie ousted her love rogue ex Hugo Taylor for shacking up with best friend Rosie Fortescue in a rather delectable toast: “I’d like to make a toast to my best friend Rosie Fortescue, for hooking up with Hugo while we were together and lying about it. Here’s to friendship.”
Stephanie Pratt Tells Spencer Matthews What We Already Know
Last series saw a transatlantic crossover as The Hills star Stephanie Pratt came over to the UK to embark on a relationship with Spencer Matthews. After being told that she’d joined a long list of exes to be cheated on, a livid Stephanie confronts Spencer in a restaurant: “I cannot believe you’re the person you are. Why couldn’t you wait to hook up until after I left? I didn’t know you could be so disrespectful.”
“What, as disrespectful as moving in with someone?” is Spencer’s reply, adding that he felt “claustrophobic” at their live-in relationship, and their romance would never have lasted given the distance.
Stephanie defends herself by saying she had offered to stay in a hotel, Spencer replies that he didn’t want to “incur her any costs.” 
Before walking out Stephanie calls him “a massive lying arsehole” and says “You’re such a dick. So dumb.”
Louise Thompson Spends the Night With One Direction’s Niall Horan
Following in her ex’s footsteps, Louise cheated on series six boyfriend, Andy Jordan with a mysterious guitar playing ‘friend.’ Andy found out she’d spent the night at another guy’s house and broke up with her despite her attempts at denying it, claiming it was completely innocent, she’d just fallen asleep, yada yada yada.
However, the real gossip comes not from her admitting to her dalliance, but who the dalliance was with.
The show never mentioned it outright but newspapers and magazines unearthed that the other man was One Direction’s Irish charmer, Niall. I’m sure most of you nodded your head in understanding when this was revealed, as I’m sure you wouldn’t pass up the chance to spend the night with a member of the world’s most popular boy bands.
Lucy Watson vs. Phoebe-Lettice Thompson
Like TOWIE, Chelsea is one of the most ‘incestuous’ areas – everyone has slept with everyone (you’d think they would be used to it by now)! However, when Pheobe-Lettice discovered Jamie Laing had slept with arch rival Lucy, she wasn’t best pleased.
Confronting her at a Bollywood-themed bash, the girls had THE most polite spat ever witnessed. But for me, the moment when Lucy tried to have the rather awkward last say – “Your nose ring looks really weird” – makes this one of those great moments of Made in Chelsea.
Francis Boulle Poses for a Portrait
It would be quite easy to fill the top moments of Made in Chelsea with Francis Boulle as he’s stayed ahead of the Chelsea crowd by simply being himself and is one of the show’s most loveable characters. The adorable entrepreneur is always hand on to dish out his words of wisdom – even if it is always slightly cringe-worthy!
Known for having a way with words, Francis teaches Stevie how to ride a bike by saying: “A bike is like a lover. You need to know when to change up a gear, and when to put on the brakes.”
However my top moment is when he’s sat in a chair, clutching a globe…and a pineapple while posing for a portrait way back in series one. His response when questioned about holding a globe is: “In years to come when people look back on this painting, I think it’ll be clear why I’m holding a globe,” which makes sense of the globe as showcasing his ambition.
But what about the pineapple?
Millie Mackintosh Slaps Spencer Matthews
Spencer Matthews cheating ways have been well documented throughout the entire show but it’s the moment he’s accused of cheating on Louise Thompson with former flame Funda that is the runner up in my poll of Made in Chelsea moments. Its Louise’s best friends, Rosie and Millie that hear about his cheating ways and confront him at a Christmas boat party.
As you’d expect, the notorious womaniser denies the claims explicitly which causes Millie to give a sharp slap to the face before storming off. Now we’re not condoning violence as a way to solve your problems but he was asking for it, I’m sure you’ll agree.

Just Mark-Francis Vandelli
Mark-Francis most definitely steals the show every time he’s on the screen. He’s never embroiled in the show’s ‘story-lines’ just appears to provide some rather humorous one-liners and facial expressions, giving insight into the life of the rich and fabulous. He also knows how to throw a damn good party! 
Mark-Francis has blossomed into the star of Made in Chelsea because of the light relief he provides when he and his partner in crime Victoria Baker-Harber are commenting about someone’s style, relationship or the décor of a place. You know you’re in for a treat when you hear the “daaaarling” he’s become so known for. 
My favourite moment has to be when he finds out the boys have gone camping and cannot grasp the concept of a sleeping bag: “I once knew someone who owned a sleeping bag. That was the end of that friendship.” 
What are your favourite moments from Made in Chelsea? Have your say in the comments section below.