Big Brother is back: is the show still relevant?

I haven’t watched Big Brother this year – the most I hear about it is from magazines and websites.

I haven’t watched Big Brother this year – the most I hear about it is from magazines and websites. Having been a massive fan, obsessing over it and never missing an episode, the last time I watched Big Brother was a few years now. But since it moved to Channel Five I’ve just found it to be tedious than entertaining.

With the notable absence of Davina McCall, I don’t think it’s as popular as it used to be on Channel Four. Whether you want to admit it or not, there was something about her presenting Big Brother that worked. Although Emma Willis is likeable, no-one will come close to Davina.

As for the tasks and themes the housemates are forced to undergo, they just seem to be being reused. They appear to be quite similar to other tasks used in previous series e.g. electric shock tasks and nominating in front of each other. Does this mean the producers have run out of ideas? Although it can be humourous at times, I don’t really want to see something I’ve seen before even if it is with different housemates.

An unreal experience

Watching a bunch of people sitting around, competing for food and nominating each other just doesn’t sound that appealing even with the twists Big Brother throws in there. It’s ironic because I love I’m a Celebrity Get Me out of Here which has the same concept but in a jungle. I’m A Celebrity still feels relevant though because it somehow feels more real and doesn’t seem so set up with the twists and turns.

Even though they’re both reality TV, Big Brother doesn’t feel like reality. From the previous Channel 5 series I’ve watched it feels a bit ‘fake’. Would the housemates really act like that if they weren’t being watched by an audience? As entertaining as it to watch two people argue and shout at each about something as silly as who ate the last biscuit, you have to wonder if that’s how they would deal with it in the outside world.

The fact that they are real, normal people going into the house makes Big Brother relevant but once they appear on the show, it sometimes feels like they put on an act and sometimes even the winners change once they’ve left the house.

You can pretty much predict the housemates as well which can get boring. It’s obvious who the girl that everyone’s expected to fancy, the one that likes to cause arguments, the one that doesn’t really do much, the loud one and the fit-although-not-always-fit guy. I’ve also heard that some of the housemates this year have already been on other TV shows. If you’ve already seen them I wouldn’t want to see them again. Original housemates are the best as you never know what to expect.

I used to love the old series. The arguments were real and there were moments when it was comedy gold. It just doesn’t do that for me anymore. I guess everyone has their own opinions but after 15 years is Big Brother still relevant? I don’t think so – it’s more passé. 

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