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Best Winter recipes for you to try

sticky toffee pudding
Written by Nigel Simpkins

The temperatures have dropped, winter is here and most of us have given up the gym for the year.

It isn’t surprising that it is 80% more likely for you to get a cold in the winter time. With the cold weather, rainy days and dark nights it’s time for us to help brighten your day. Instead of struggling through winter with only a small bowl of salad for your lunch, it is time to try the best winter recipes.

Not only are these full of fruit and vegetables but they are hearty and warm perfect to combat the winter climate.

The Hairy Bikers Beef Goulash Soup

Goulash soup is a Hungarian delicacy that is perfect to help combat the winter nights. Packed full of veg, meat and a tomato sauce it is homely and perfect as a main course soup.

The Hairy Bikers version incorporates paprika along with a number of different spices to make the dish into quite a meal. You can try this with sweet potatoes, different meats and a range of different vegetables.

This dish is warm, hearty and full of exciting spices. This makes it a winner with everyone that loves a great wintery dish.

Turkey With Cranberry and Shallots

The festive period only really means one thing, it is turkey time! Although turkey with all the trimmings isn’t the healthiest of dishes, if you choose to have turkey with some other extras it can be a great meal to enjoy with the family. The lean meat of the turkey makes it a great alternative to chicken, steak or pork.

To accompany the turkey try cooking up a cranberry and shallot sauce to go with it. This adds both colour, fruit and flavour to your dish.

Serve this dish up one of the fantastic new dinner sets from World Kitchen. Whether this is on Christmas day, New Year’s Eve or every night of the week at home, your meal will taste even better served on fantastic dinnerware.

Sticky Toffee Pudding

This is a family favourite, a dish that can remind us of old school days or treats for dessert at home. No matter where the thought of sticky toffee pudding takes you, it is the perfect winter dish for you to try.

You might have your own recipe or want to try something completely different. No matter which one it is, this winter fall back in love with sticky toffee pudding.

For a different winter taste you can sprinkle the pudding with winter berries that work well with the gooey toffee sauce.

Bread And Butter Pudding

Up there with the rice pudding, sticky toffee pudding and apple pie is bread and butter pudding. The carby, sweet treat that can feel you up in no time. What better way to get rid of a cold than with a warm and hearty portion of bread and butter pudding.

This winter you can opt for a range of different flavours from chocolate and banana, to winter berry and whisky. This is one of those recipes that seems to work no matter what you add to it (in moderation, of course).

What is Next?

Winter is here, the weather is cold and it is time for you to get in the kitchen, cook some amazing meals and then enjoy them every night of the week. 

Fight that cold with some festive food!