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Best date night outfits

Written by C Wolsey

Restaurants are finally opening up and you are counting down the days until your first night out after ages. An exciting date is coming up and you want to wear a striking outfit. During the last few months you haven’t really been in the mood of making new purchases and the clothes you have in your drawers are slightly outdated. Don’t worry, basically everyone is in your same situation and you simply need to refresh your wardrobe. Going out wearing something new will be an uplifting experience.

Think Elegant & Classy

Since you haven’t been out for a long time, wearing a dress is probably the best idea. It is after all a special occasion and we are certain that you want to impress your date. Most of all, you want to look nice to boost your own confidence. At Shein they have a very good collection and you can choose the kind of dress that suits your taste without spending a lot of money. You could actually save even more with this amazing Shein voucher code. Our first recommendation would be to pick an elegant off shoulder pencil dress. Choose the colour that matches your personality and you will feel like a queen.

Add A Little Sparkle

A classy outfit is indeed an option, but you might prefer a sparkly version. If glitter is your thing, there are plenty of glamorous dresses that you can choose from. It also depends on how eye-catching you intend to be: a backless dress would probably be very daring, but you could look lovely in a dress with a thigh high slit as well. Another way to shine is wearing a glitter tube prom dress. It’s up to you to set the tone according to the kind of date you have in mind.

Dress For the Seasons

If you are keen on a dress, the last suggestion is to pick one with a floral pattern. Whether it is sleeveless or with long sleeves, it can be a gorgeous solution and there are good chances you will look beautiful and feel comfortable at the same time. A multi-coloured floral belted dress would be cute and it could be perfect for a warm spring or summer night. Depending on your taste, it can be nice either with an open v-neck or with a stand collar. A high-waisted appearance can be flattering as well, but we know that not every girl likes it.

Something Other Than A Dress

Perhaps you are more inclined towards an outfit that is more easy-going than a dress. Well, in this case, have you thought of a ruffle armhole schiffy top? A plain pattern would suit it very well. White is the colour that we would recommend for this kind of blouse, but baby pink could also be a good match if you are wearing denim trousers. Black is for those who wish to have a bit more of an aggressive look, whereas yellow is the right choice for you if you like a boho style that is vaguely extravagant. An eyelet embroidery would embellish the top nicely.  

A pair of regular jeans would be appropriate if you are going to wear a top like the one we just described, but otherwise we are all in favour of a skirt. If you wish to surprise your date, a tribal paper-bag waist skirt could be unusual and audacious. If instead you want to play it safe, a ditsy floral midi skirt could be very charming (yes, we love a floral pattern! It’s the best during the warm season).

After a long time at home, it would be more than understandable if you felt a bit nervous about the upcoming date, especially if it is the first time you go out with this person. If you would like a few tips to make your date great, Science of People is a trustworthy blog that can guide you and help you to ease the tension.