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Best cocktails for students to make this summer

Now most students (and I am no different) survive on Tesco Value Vodka, bargain booze wine and good old cider.

Now most students (and I am no different) survive on Tesco Value Vodka, bargain booze wine and good old cider. However if you fancy being a little more sophisticated, then why not try and make your own cocktails this summer? What could be better than lots of booze, mixed together, with fruity flavours and bright colours? (Obviously drinking them in moderation…)

However you flick through cocktail recipe books and see nothing but expensive ingredients (that you only need a shot of) and things you have never even heard of.

But my fellow students do NOT fear it is possible to make simple, tasty cocktails with classic ingredients that aren’t going to burn a whole in your already empty pocket.

Sex On The Beach
Vodka, cranberry juice and orange juice. A tasty drink and you’re getting 2 of your five a day. Result!

Great for the ones who want to watch their calorie intake but still have a great night out! Rum, soda or sparkling water, a squeeze of fresh lime and mint leaves. This drink can make you feel like you are sitting on a Spanish beach with the sound of waves behind you, when actually you are in an overcrowded kitchen filled with rowdy, loud students.

Long Island Ice Tea
Not one for the faint hearted. Literally and I mean literally every spirit you have, mixed with cola or diet cola, finished with lots of ice and a dash of lime juice. A lovely concoction making you feel not so lovely the next morning.

Named Shrek because of its colour. Vodka, Red bull and blue WKD. Who said alcohol and energy drinks weren’t a good idea? Me, the next day when you’re looking at pictures of your ‘dancing’.

Skittle Bombs
This needs to be prepared a day in advance. Get a group of friends, grab a bottle of vodka and a bag of skittles. Separate the colours and pop into the bottles of drink. Come back tomorrow morning and mix with lemonade for a sweet, fruity tasting drink. Delish.

This drink causes dilemmas for girls all around universities. Cider and blackcurrant cordial mixed, it is served in a pint glass. You either drink it and look like a butch man or you miss out on a truly wonderful beverage.

Cherry Cola
Vodka, cherry sours and coke are all you need to make this great drink. It does get quite sickly so if you start feeling sick, it might not just be the fact that you have been drinking since lectures finished (possibly earlier, for some) and only had super noodles for dinner.

A shot of rum added to your favourite fruit puree (strawberry being the most common). Again this drink can transform you from being a sophisticated youth, to an unruly teen. Just blame it on the daiquiri though.

Cheeky Vimto
An adult’s vimto that contains no vimto at all. Instead port and WKD are mixed to produce a dignity destroying drink.

1 blue WKD, 1 Smirnoff ice, 1 orange Bacardi all poured over crushed ice. Don’t worry, after a few of these you will get over the fact that you are drinking what the 13 year old girls drink down the park, pretending to be ‘drunk’.

What do you think? What cocktail would you add to this list? Have your say in the comments section below, on Facebook or on Twitter.