Being a Teen and Living with a Disability

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Written by jasmineparr_

The problem with the word disability is many people see the word ‘limitations’ when actually they should see the word ‘possibilities’. I have lived with a disability all my life, this being a disease called central core which effects your muscles resulting in muscle weakness and wastage. I have been fortunate to have been brought up by two of the most amazing parents, which both also have their own disabilities to contend with. 

Throughout every stage of my life they have guided me, supported me and most importantly believed in me. Their encouragement, dedication and endless bundles of love is what has made me strive to be nothing less than 100% incredible and their outlook on life is what has moulded me into wanting to be the best possible human being I can. 

So, Here I am now, writing this, studying a degree at university and living my life like any ‘normal’ 19 year old girl would. It’s easy to get frustrated, stressed and feel like just because you’re on four wheels 24/7, rather than two legs that you aren’t good enough, but the reality is – you are! 

Being yourself

It is too easy to get caught up in the negative thoughts when you’re having an offish day and are struggling. It seems impossible to stop that voice in the back of head telling you that you aren’t good enough and that you should just quit while you’re ahead, but once you find something you adore and are passionate about, it just comes down to having the inner strength to pick yourself up, focus on the positives and find the inner drive and determination deep down to keep moving forward. 

It’s easier said than done, admittedly but the key is to not let it beat you, believe you are better than any insecurities or demons that are telling you, you can’t and start saying I can and I will. I’ve been lucky enough to be surrounded by the most amazing network of people, that all, in each and every way inspire me to be me and to strive to achieve great things. 

I feel privileged and excited about what the future has install for me and what journeys my pathway will take me on through my life, most importantly I’m working on self-belief and confidence whilst having the courage to take that step (or wheel) and push myself, stretch my boundaries and to not be afraid of failing, after all you can’t get better and succeed without learning from the mistakes you may make, it’s the way of life. 

I realise this article may seem a little cliché and cheesy but the truth is we all, whether you wheel or walk need a pick me up and life as a teen/early adult can be hard and stressful, but the reality is, as long as you’re trying your best and are happy and healthy, nothing else matters…just be you and believe that you can do it.

All of us were put here to succeed, have faith and embrace your inner fabulous!