Band Aid: Is there any point?

Following the news that 30 questionable music artists are craving some more attention in the media, sorry I meant are using their so called talents as singers to raise awareness of the effects of Ebola.

What we here at Kettle are wanting to know is do these charity songs make a difference to us or are they a cause to ruin the Christmas number one charts?

Do celebrities singing a slowed down soppy version of Avicci’s ‘Wake Me Up’ make us donate more money to charity? It makes me want to rip poor Pudsey’s ears off. I mean don’t get me wrong, I am aware of the suffering that British children and their families  have to go through but  does that to be then to be reinforced and rammed down my throat through song? No, I think not.

So why may I ask you does Sir Bob Geldoff have to do it for the fourth time running? Gathering up desperate celebrities, re-writing the original version of ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas?’ again. Didn’t he learn the first time? These songs that are produced to raise awareness and increase donations are exceptional songs and I adore the original 1984 version.

But does it make us want to donate more? Does a montage of artists mixed with clips of sad children increase the donations? Just think of all that time it takes to produce the record; I say record of course it is all on a digital download now. I would have preferred, that all that money that was used to be given to record the song should have been used to create a campaign for private donation.

To choose the artists recording their voices, editing it plus adding a video to then putting it out to the publicity in the hopes that all the promotion will raise awareness for the charity. Although surely what I am talking about is much simpler than that. Surely it is a case of picking a singer who is needy enough for promotion and is losing credibility in the charts and then once it gets to number one, they all have more followers on twitter than they used to?

We don’t need to reply upon a sappy yet cheesy song to donate money. When you see images and hear the song from the media outlet it sounds like they are all in one mind and are like a happy musical family, ha talk about festive.  Some of the artists travelled on separate planes as they did not get on.

Maybe I am just not getting in the festive mood as I do understand that it is a worthy cause but I question the choice of these artists and I would much rather donate when, and how much I would like, instead of ruining the Christmas Number One.

What do you think of Band Aid? Let us know in the comments below!