Back to do Damage

Who can forget Hits like ‘I Love to Love You’, ‘Forever,’ the Eric Clapton cover of ‘Wonderful Tonight’ and many more.  If you are still confused pertaining to whom or what I am referring too, then as the saying goes “If you don’t know then get to know” i.e. Go Google it. However, I’m talking about the U.K band Damage.

Damage is a British R&B band that formed in 1995 consisting of Rashaan J.Bromfield, Andrez harriot, Jade Jones, Noel Simpson and Coree Richardson who departed from the group around 2001.  They achieved tremendous success throughout the 1990s, with 11 hit singles including four Top 10 successes in the U.K single charts.  They sold 2.5 million records worldwide.

The group formed while they were teenagers at school.  They sent a demo tape performing a cover version of the famous Jackson Five song “Anything” to Big Life records owner Jazz Summers. Damage was born and the rest is history

All that glitters isn’t gold

They have definitely come a long way and I’m sure they have the battle scars to prove it. The extreme highs of success inclusive of being on the road coupled with tour life, sold out shows, groupies, drugs, excessive drinking, parties, screaming fans, television performances, award shows and more.

However, what the public may perceive as highs can also lead to your demise and unfortunately some of the elements previously mentioned along with debt and friction amongst each other factored into the slow decent  of Damage becoming defunct.

Nowadays the industry of music is so fickle and factory line orientated, that from one day to the next new artists are churned out and thrown at us, the public, with the life span of around four weeks if they are lucky.  Real singers, real songs and real talent are not a necessity in the changing climate of today’s music industry, its 90 percent business and 10 percent talent.

In it for the long haul

However, if you’re born to do what you do, have real talent, ambition drive and not afraid to grind. With no regards to time restraints and your fearless of words like no can’t and don’t, then you may just make it and recover from industry setbacks, personal issues. Life may wear you out but not keep you down.

This is what damage represents and after their stint on the ITV television show the big reunion, along with performances at the follow up sold out big reunion boy band tour, these boys turned men have grown into seasoned respected musician.

They still look fine, still sound fine and perform without missing a beat.  We definitely have no problems with praising our fellow musicians across the pond in the U.S.  However many of the boy bands that came out around the same time as Damage look worse for wear, and sound horrendous.

So I commend these men for coming back with a standard of excellence which can clearly be heard on their latest musical offering called Damage Acoustically Yours.  We get to relive some of our favorite joints from these guys in a fresh beautifully sung and arranged way.

Timing is right to do damage

They are not hiding behind loud drum beats or musical sampling which is often times an easy option for musicians and record companies, choosing the route of let’s just give the people music to dance with.

Instead Damage is clearly reminding us that they can sing; hold a note creates beautiful harmonies. Along with the drama that comes with performing live.  Damage we hear you loud and clear and hopefully there is more to come. Damage Acoustically Yours is on sale now.

What do you think of the new release from Damage? Let us know in the comments below!