Arrests in Austria: terror suspects amongst refugees

Austrian authorities have arrested two possible ISIS terrorists with connections to the Paris attacks. Last weekend two suspects arrived in a refugee camp in Salzburg from the Middle East and were arrested, a spokesperson for the prosecutor’s office declared to the APA. They currently remain in custody.

Both Frenchmen, of Algerian and Pakistani origin respectively, purportedly are members of the group that planned the attack, and entered Europe via Greece with faked Syrian passports together. The men are currently being interrogated by French and Austrian authorities according to Austrian tabloid “Krone”.

The prosecutor’s office however cannot support the claims that this is proof of a wider terror cell responsible for attacks in Europe around Christmas time. According to “Krone” the two suspects were waiting in Salzburg for instructions on further attacks. A gag, knowns as “Informationsschutz” in German-speaking countries, has been issued, meaning further news will only be issued by the prosecutor’s office when it emerges.