Around the world with Victoria Blake

Rio Grande River, Texas
Written by vblake

A strong desire to pack your suitcase and get the first flight to anywhere around the world can be tempting and everyone's travel list can be full of some great countries they wish to travel too. Our Travel feature, "Around the World", gives us a glimpse into the places and countries our editors here at Kettle travelled too. This week, we have a look at the places our World section editor Victoria Blake has been too. 

What countries have you been to so far?

So far none! I have travelled around my country (U.S.) a little though.

What is your preferred choice of transport? (Train, aeroplane, ferry, car…)

As gross as it may be, I like taking the bus sometimes. Other than that I prefer to walk or bike somewhere if I can. Taking the car is good too; I’m not picky.

Would you prefer a winter or a summer vacation?


If you could travel to anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

I would like to visit Australia or Sweden one day because of their history, culture and as a personal interest in their culture. I want to see the world, but those two countries are really rad to me.

Your top 5 countries are?

5. Japan

4. Netherlands

3. United Kingdom

2. France

1. Iceland

Who would be or is your ideal travel companion and why?

Any one of my friends and mom would be my ideal companion. What good is going somewhere if someone can’t come along and help you figure it all out? Bringing a dog would be good too.

What is your favourite or worst moment whilst on holiday?

One of my favourite moments this past break was when I went to see a friend in Austin and while walking around and sightseeing at night, we got lost and couldn’t find my car in a parking garage. We walked around construction, different parking garages that we had thought we parked in, and several streets for about 20 minutes at least until finding it and along the way ended up doing even more sightseeing than before.

 My worst moment on holiday is all the moments I sat around doing nothing, I really don’t like being bored.

When do you think is the right time to go on holiday?

Spring or Summer. You can see the Northern Lights if you’re in the right area then and go to another part of the world and not be freezing! Unless you’re into that.

How long do you go tend to go on holiday for?

A few weeks. After that I get bored and have an itch to get back to work.

What activities do you like to do whilst on holiday? (Sunbathe, hiking, surfing..)

I like going to parks and visiting new venues and places around different cities. Going to different art venues and concert halls are always great too as well as seeing friends in other parts of the state along the way and hanging out.

What countries are you planning to visit in the future?

Everywhere in the UK is near the top of the list for sure, but I would like to see Canada and New Zealand or China and Indonesia someday.


What's places have you been to or are on your travel list? Let us know in the comments below!