Amsterdam – A foodie review

Written by LJayne26

Amsterdam isn't all canals, bikes and red lights – though they all feature pretty heavily. There is a whole host of food and drink locations that you should be checking out across the city. Laura Brown gives us here run down of the best places to eat and drink in the capital of Holland.

Bakers & Roasters

If you're looking to kick start your day with a good, and healthy, breakfast or brunch then Bakers and Roasters should be one choice on your list. Their menu is fairly simple with a small amount of choices, but it certainly won't be an easy choice. You are sure to find yourself settling on one thing, then changing your mind at the very last moment. The 'New Zealand style café served with a heavy dose of Brazil,' has a menu that mainly focus' around egg based dishes as well as the sweeter and traditional dish of pancakes – but fear not, you can combine both in the B&R Special; eggs (served your way), toast, bacon, pancakes and organic maple syrup. What's not to love. Served with a smile and a friendly attitude, it is certainly the place to start a day of exploring.

De Pizzabakkers

Any place that has the tag line 'pizza and prosecco' is a winner in our eyes. With a number of topping combinations to choose from, their light, authentic Italian style pizzas provide a perfect early evening place to relax after cycling around the city and with three locations, no matter how lost you've got yourself you shouldn't be too far from one! The restaurants are simply decorated with a very relaxed feel and get busy, very quickly after opening – so arrive early or make a booking! Prosecco may, to some, not seem like to obvious choice to accompany a pizza but it makes for a great one. The brand served in De Pizzabakkers on our visit was just right and far nicer than champagne, a much nicer choice. A great place to visit if you're looking for a nice early evening meal, without having to get dressed up and head to a fancy Italian restaurant. 


Craft beer seems to slowly be making it's way into the Amsterdam drinking culture and at 2.80 euros a glass, Brouwerij'tij is the place to go. Set underneath the only windmill in central Amsterdam, the brewery serves craft beers of all kinds to suit every drinker. Their Plezen, their house beer, and Flink are two of the lighter options on offer. Both were smooth and would be perfect for those looking for a light afternoon drink whilst taking a break from sightseeing. It is a little outside of the main city centre, but not too far, however does have some tradtional bar snacks on offer to keep your energy up. For 6 euros you can get yourself a dutch cheese and smoked sausage combo; a perfect portion size for two to share. Beer, cheese and meat – the perfect trio. 

Tables & Spirits

For those looking to escape busy atmosphere of Amsterdam for a little while a not sit in a pub with a pint of beer, then head to Tables and Spirits; a cocktail bar with a throwback speakeasy feel. Full of creative cocktail recipes served in the most inventive of ways, all with real care and attention it's difficult to not want to stay all night. Their rum based cocktails were our drink of choice, with the barmen more than happy to offer their own recomendations on what you'd like the most. To really appreciate the place you just need to get yourself there. Be warned, it'll be very busy. 

Cafe De Klos

Few words need to be said for Cafe De Klos. It may not look like much, but it sure is. Their ribs are some of the best we've ever eaten for sure. The meat was cooked perfectly and the bone slid right out, clean. Served with a side of bread and salad it was more than enough to satisfy a hungry stomach. A mix of locals and tourists it should be your one and only choice for ribs in the city. Just go there.


Have you been to Amsterdam? Let us know your thoughts on where to eat and drink across the city.