American Comfort TV: The O.C.

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Written by Lauren Wise

We all have a TV show or series that we love, a show that we turn to when we’re feeling lost or sick or tired or heartbroken. Somehow, these shows manage to support us through difficult times in our lives, and we never tire of them. For Kettle’s Lauren Wise, that TV show is firmly California livin’.

During a school summer holiday I started binge-watching The O.C. a few years after the show had finished. Halfway through Season 2, my Mum caught an episode and quickly became hooked too. We’re not sure what it is about the show that make it so addictive- maybe the questionable acting or the dramatic teen-issues – but one thing is certain: t’s a series that can be re-lived again and again. 

The noughties show may seem like it was on forever ago, but there are some episodes which will never be forgotten. Here are five of my favourite!

Ryan meets Marissa

“Who are you?” “Whoever you want me to be.” What may be the best and worst quote of the show is also the foundation of one of the craziest on/off TV relationships to date.



“What happens in Mexico stays in Mexico.” The show took a bit of a dark turn when writers forced Marissa’s life to crumble, ending in her own attempted suicide. But the show brought it back with the formation of ‘the gang.’

Marissa shoots Trey

This is possibly the scene The O.C. is best known for, and what made Imogen Heap’s song Hide and Seek a storming success. It might have been a tearjerker back then, but SNL’s hilarious parody has shed a whole new light on the scene. It will officially never be the same again.

Seth and Summer

This couple may have raised every single teenager’s expectations of relationships during the show’s airtime. What was even cuter was Rachel Bilson and Adam Brody’s blossoming off-screen relationship, although that did end eventually. Shh.

Marissa’s death

In case anyone’s just emerging from under a rock; spoiler! This was THE talking point of the decade, of every TV show out there, and we can see why. The Hallelujah cover on top of Ryan and Marissa’s Tijuana pose was just too emotional for O.C. fans.

In case anyone is feeling nostalgic after all these best bits, you’ll be glad (or confused) to hear the show is being made into a musical! I’m sure we all look forward to seeing how a young broody Ryan will express himself through song. 

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