Album review: The Day’s War by Lonely the Brave

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Written by Chloe Smith

Lonely the Brave are back with the Victory Edition of their album The Day’s War. In their own words, the album (particularly the Redux songs):

‘Allows us to explore this and continue to grow; to take those songs we put down to tape a few years back now and re-approach them from where we’re at now was something I think we all enjoyed’.

Growth is something that does occur when listening to this album. The songs don’t compliment themselves so much as when you progress through the album, you can sense this growth in emotion, build and style compared to the band’s earlier work, so we are literally hearing the growth and progression of the artists themselves. But as listeners we also grow when listening to this album. Every song takes us on a journey, and by the end of the album all of us will feel different. We’re made anew by the musical gems that are on this album.

While I can’t comment on the re-approached aspect of the album as I’ve only recently become a fan of the band, you can tell that they have put an awful lot into every song. It’s clear that re-approaching their work really means a lot to them, which of course only adds so much more emotion and appeal to certain songs.

It feels as though every song on the album has its own feel and is its own singular experience when listening. So here are my thoughts on some of my key songs of the album: 

‘River, river’

The lyrics to this are superb. If you’re someone who particularly pays attention to lyrics in a song, then this will soon become your favourite. This is the only song I’ve listened to that’s left me motivated and full of energy (the drums alone will make you want to dance) but the lyrics and Jake’s haunting vocals also made me feel very reflective and melancholy. This is the perfect song for me, personally – and probably my favourite Lonely the Brave song. If you haven’t any heard any of their work yet, please start with this song. You’ll love them by the time it’s done. I honestly can’t fault this song.



Soft, gentle guitar is complemented perfectly by Jake’s trademark rich vocals, until a powerful instrumental kicks in which just makes the song all the more spine-tingling. It feels very personal, so when listening everyone will probably have their own interpretation of what it means to them, but that only makes it even more of a compelling listen. I’d recommend listening to this one at night, maybe looking up at the stars or by a fire so that you get the full force of this song in the quiet.


A very calm yet powerful sound, again made ethereal by the vocals and lyrics. While I haven’t heard the original, this one is definitely a song worthy of a film soundtrack. It’s a song that will surprise you I think, as it will become a favourite without you even realising it. Another favourite of mine, I can definitely see myself doing a lot of writing to this song in particular. The sign of a good song is having it on your writing playlist, in my opinion!

‘Black Saucers’

A very unique song. The lyrics instantly win you over and it feels very much a song to listen to when you want to get rid of your demons or ride a wave of emotion through. Although it feels very personal, it’s definitely a song that most will come back to when they’re feeling sad and in need of something to listen to.

As you can see, every song had me thinking something different, even though they played consecutively. I was completely blown away by the passion and talent that was evident in every song on the album, and I can honestly say that listening to the album as a whole was a wonderful experience. From the first captivating sound of ‘Control’ that will leave you pumped and ready for the day ahead, to the haunting bow out that is the live version of ‘All Is Full Of Love’, this album is one that, while the songs are beautiful on their own, needs to be experienced in full, together as an album to be truly appreciated.

Listen to it live

The final four songs of the album are also live versions – and this is honestly where the band really come into their own. Truly showing their talent with the four live songs on the album, the lyrics and vocals really come into their own when performed live, and you can really feel the bands personality. If there are any songs you listen to in isolation, I would honestly start with the live songs because they really tell you why you should be a fan of the band.

Overall, this new, revamped album from Lonely the Brave almost demands a listen. With songs that will leave you captivated, in love and singing throughout the day, I’m this close to saying that the album is a work of art.

What are your thoughts on The Day’s War? Are you a fan of Lonely the Brave? Let us know in the comments below!