A quick look at the beauty of Costa Brava

costa brava
Written by Nigel Simpkins

Costa Brava is located within the autonomous Spanish region of Catalonia and upon the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. Found approximately 1.5 hours north of Barcelona, this area has been a popular tourist haven for decades. While there is no doubt that inland attractions abound, it can still be argued that the most famous experiences are associated with the coastline. Let’s take a quick look at what you can expect to enjoy during your stay as well as a handful of tips and tricks to keep in mind so that your holiday is not associated with any unexpected surprises.

Why Choose Costa Brava?

There are several reasons why tourists from all walks of life flock to Costa Brava throughout the year. Perhaps the most prevalent is the climate. As it is found within the northern portion of Spain, the temperatures here tend to be quite mild when compared to other regions such as Sevilla and Malaga. Summers are comfortably cool and the mercury rarely drops below freezing even in the dead of winter.

Furthermore, the coastline here is more rocky and the waves are higher than areas to the south. This is why Costa Brava is particularly popular with surfers and boating enthusiasts. The good news is that sites such as OnSail Booking offer local boat rentals; saving both time and money. It is possible to explore a handful of shipwrecks found along the coast and thanks to the clear waters of Costa Brava, you can rent scuba diving equipment to enjoy an up-close-and-personal view of the maritime environment. Even if you simply wish to relax on the beaches, there is no doubt that this destination is indeed perfect for the entire family.

Professional Recommendations to Take Into Account

It is also a good idea to mention some worthwhile suggestions to keep in mind while planning your holiday. First, the weather here can sometimes be changeable during the autumn and winter. While temperatures are normally mild, storms may suddenly pop up with little warning. If you are looking to avoid such situations, it might be a better idea to arrive in the late spring or early autumn.

As Costa Brava is quite popular, resort towns such as Tossa del Mar and Begur can become quickly crowded during the height of the tourist season. This is why it is prudent to check bookings and similar accommodations at least 12 weeks before your planned departure date. You will be able to encounter more amenable rates and the chances are high that vacancies will still be present.

Above all, there is much to see and do in Costa Brava. Try to allocate at least four or five days here in order to experience all that this Catalan destination has in store. If you do not have a sailing licence, it is always possible to charter a boat in order to enjoy panoramic views of the coastline in style. With a bit of preparation, there is no doubt that you will love what Costa Brava has to offer.