5 failsafe outfits for men

Written by Nigel Simpkins

Whether you’re hoping for a wardrobe refresh, or you simply just want to take your clothing collection back to basics, it can be beneficial to create some failsafe outfits that should remain a staple. While the weather is still questionable and low temperatures are lingering, these 5 seasonal outfits are perfect for seeing you through until spring.

With something for every occasion, including tailored and streetwear fashion, the following outfits are the perfect for building the foundations of your new wardrobe.

Tailoring and knitwear

Mixing colours and textures in your outfit can create an eye-catching, effortless look. Staple tailored styles like blazers and other similar jackets work beautifully in thick, textured fabrics. Worn alongside smooth, well-cut trousers, this can be a match made in heaven.

What’s more, layering a textured jumper or other knitwear underneath a traditional suit can add a different element to your usual 9-5 outfit. Play with colours and tonal ideas, such as a black suit with a grey jumper or a patterned wool coat over a navy suit for a contemporary look.

This combination of different textures and colours can make even the simplest of suits feel a little more luxurious.

Functional layering

At this time of year, your wardrobe needs to include enough protection from the elements. This can come in the form of layering, something that is hugely popular through autumn, winter and sometimes even spring. Easy to achieve for any upcoming occasion, function layering just need a few key pieces.

The ultimate layering roster would include a t-shirt, sweatshirt or other form of knitwear, overshirt and technical outerwear like a parka jacket or puffer jacket. Mix and match these pieces as you see fit and you have multiple looks with just a few staple styles.

Finish with an overcoat

Every menswear wardrobe needs a ‘big coat’; you know the one. An overcoat with a longer length can finish off any outfit perfectly; whether it’s a casual t-shirt and jeans or smarter attire. This is one of the most statement pieces in your wardrobe, so keep that in mind when shopping.

From check print to block colours, give your outfit some personality with the right overcoat. If you go bold, remember it will look best with a subtler outfit.

Workwear-inspired attire

Classic workwear is warm, comfortable and durable. While it wasn’t always the most fashionable, it certainly is now with many menswear collections drawing inspiration from utility-style designs. The trucker jacket is a key indicator of this type of style; with a short length, functional pockets and easy to wear.

Think dark denim, leather and layers to create a sturdy outfit that can work for many different occasions. What’s even better, is many of the pieces you buy to create this outfit can be reworked throughout the seasons.

Off-duty casual

It wouldn’t be a versatile collection of outfits without the ultimate off-duty, streetwear-inspired casual outfit. Whether you’re a gym-goer or not, the tracksuit is a perfect failsafe to have in your wardrobe.

Think matching joggers and a zip-up hoodie that you can easily throw on with a t-shirt and trainers for days when you don’t fancy making the effort. The best thing is that an off-duty outfit can still look relatively smart so long as it’s kept in good condition; think box-fresh trainers to bring everything together perfectly.