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A guide to throwing an incredible lockdown party

Lockdown party
Written by Nigel Simpkins

Many of us have missed our birthday celebrations because of lockdown, and even those who were not held captive to the more stringent of rules definitely had to sacrifice hugging their loved ones or going out on the town – not to mention other important occasions that we have also missed out on; children in particular. COVID sucks – but we, as humans, are resilient. We can adapt, think outside of the box and learn to deal with the circumstances; so in an age where we only see our loved ones on Zoom and do not often go past the front door unless it is for the food shop, it is time we look at some fresh ideas to help us celebrate.

Make an Effort With Food

What is a party without great food and delicious snacks? Not an incredible one, that is for sure! Planning a menu or gathering up ideas for what snacks you want to have at the party is the first step to getting one of the most important parts of a celebration sorted. Now is the perfect time to experiment and try new food ideas, so browse inspirational social media sites such as Pinterest and Instagram for some solid, fun food ideas. You could even have a pre-party party making them all!

Choose a Unique Activity

By now, there is a good chance that many of us have done quite a few of the more common suggestions for a celebration in lockdown, such as a Zoom quiz or a Netflix party, and while they are great, it is now time to pull out the big guns. If you are able to splurge, opt for a unique idea such as an arcade machine from Home Leisure Direct. While this is quite the treat, it makes an excellent addition to households who want to bring some of the party vibes into the home! For those who do not quite have that budget, consider making your own!


Putting your heart and soul into decorating can truly help transform the space that you are so used to. While it can be difficult to get hold of some items in person at the moment, there will be plenty of options online and also suggestions on what you can do to make your decorations unique. Decorating is definitely an important aspect of a party when you are in the same space as you are always in, so it can feel like the special occasion it is!

Don’t Forget Party Bags

What is a party without party bags? You do not have to be a child to appreciate a party bag, and for those who have attended your party on Zoom, why not send them a party bag in the post? This is a great way for everyone to feel connected together and is a treat for everyone involved. If you are posting a party bag, make sure everything is properly packaged, especially if you are sending over a slice of birthday cake!